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Iran Photography Tour

Is photography one of your joyful moments when traveling around the world? Are you interested in taking pictures from animals in their natural habitats, or from historic houses and monuments? Do you have concerns on where to go to get the ultimate viewpoint? Are you interested in visiting Iran and learn about the history of the country? If your answer is yes to these questions, why not traveling to Iran and take part in our Iran photography tour to combine all of these together?

Reasons to take part in photography tours in Iran

If you have any doubts about traveling to Iran, especially in an Iran Photography tour, you should hear the reasons why the country is the best place for this activity.

First of all, Iran is one of the 10 biggest countries in the world and you can find different types of areas, including golden deserts, beautiful jungles, and magnificent mountain ranges in the country. Therefore, if you are interested in wildlife photography, Iran is heaven for you.

Second of all, Iranian architecture is well-known in the world and in every corner of the country you can find historical monuments, traditional houses, and beautiful sites to take pictures. Which means that you can find a combination of a cultural tour and your ambition of photography in one single tour.

Moreover, if you are an amateur photographer, we can organize workshops for you, or hire the best tutor in the country to accompany you on your trip and assist you in taking breathtaking pictures from the right angle.

In addition, if you are a professional and don’t need an assistant and just looking for a travel agency to provide all the services you need, you should know that we guarantee our services to be with the world-class standards. We at Ghoghnos Travel Company handle all the details of your Iran photography tour so you can focus on your photography only. We will also lead you to places that are hidden away but breathtakingly beautiful.

Best Photography tours in Iran

If you've decided you want your next adventure to be a photography tour in Iran, the next step is to consider what you'd like to photograph! There are several different kinds of photography tours, from wildlife and nature to people and culture. So you need to decide which one do you prefer more, or if you want to take part in an Iran photography tour with a combination of all of these possibilities.

Some of the best spots that we could recommend to you are:

  • Wildlife Photography:

Golestan National Park

Tandooreh National Park

Arasbaran Protected Area

Dar-e Anjir Wildlife Refuge

Miandasht Wildlife Refuge

Mouteh Wildlife Refuge

Naybandan Wildlife Refuge

Robat Shur Wildlife Refuge

Shadegan Wildlife Area

  • Nature Photography:

Alborz Mountains

Zagros Mountain

Dasht-e Kavir Desert

Lut Desert

Qeshm Island

  • Culture and People Photography:

Abyaneh Village

Qashqai Nomad

Baluch Nomad

Turkman Nomad

Limitations of Photography in Iran

Generally speaking, you can take pictures of everything in Iran. However, photographing embassies and consulates, military bases, airports and strategic industrial complexes should be avoided by all means.

Cameras are not permitted in some religious sites, but most of those that are open to tourists allow photography. At some of the museums, it is also prohibited to take pictures with flash, use tripods or even big lenses.

Taking pictures of people in public is allowed in general, however, it is always recommended to ask first, especially in remote villages and religious communities. In many cases, people will be happy to allow you to take photos of the, or even with them.

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