Iran Tourist Visa

Iran Tourist Visa

Iran Tourist Visa

According to the regulations of the MFA (Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs), a Tourist visa is issued for foreigners who wants travel to Iran individually or with a group for the purpose of visiting Iran, or their friends and relatives.

This visa is issued for a maximum stay of 30 days with option of extensions in Iran. Iran visa can be extended 2 times, each for a maximum duration of 30 days. The visa remains valid for a period of 90 days from the date of issue.

How to apply Iran visa?

Getting an Iran visa is not that much difficult. You just need to do the following steps:


1.          Apply for Iran Visa

First of all, you need to fill out our online visa application form based on your passport details.

Before applying for the visa please notice the following points:

  • Your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your departure from Iran.
  • You need to choose your expected Iranian embassy or consulate to receive your visa and then submit it in your visa application form. Sometimes it cannot be changed later so please choose the most accessible one.

Find your closest Iranian embassy or consulates


2.          Receive Confirmation Email

After applying for Iran visa you need to wait for receiving confirmation email from our side.


3.          Payment

Right after receiving confirmation email, you need to pay visa service fee. Our visa service fee is 25 Euros and it must be paid after submitting the application.

  • Payment. You need to take it into the consideration that the visa stamp fee which must be paid to the embassy or consulate when collecting the visa, is a governmental fee and it differs according to your nationality; and it is different from our visa service fee.


4.          Receive VGN

Upon visa approval, you will receive a Visa Grant Number (Invitation letter). This authorization code will be valid till 25 days after it is issued. Getting this authorization is the most important step in visa application and there is not much left when you have it.


5.          Collect Iran Visa

Refer to the selected embassy, consulate or airport to collect Iran visa.



What is Iran visa on arrival?

With the increase of Iran’s popularity as a top tourist destination, especially for the young backpackers in the recent years, the process of getting visa is now possible through the arrival visa request at Airports.

Iran visa on arrival (Iran VOA) or Iran airport visa, refers to a class of short term touristic visa that can be applied upon arrival in the Iranian airports.

This kind of visa is available for most nationalities in the following Iranian airports:

  • Tehran airport (Imam Khomeini International Airport)
  • Shiraz airport (Shahid Datgheyb International Airport)
  • Isfahan airport (Shahid Beheshti International Airport)
  • Mashhad airport (Shahid Hashemi Nezhad International Airport)
  • Tabriz (Shahdi Madani International Airport)
  • Kish International airport.