medical services in Iran

medical services in Iran

medical services in Iran

Iran Medical Services

Medical and Health tourism are new branches of tourism industry that are becoming world-known. With up to date medical technology, reputed specialists and historical background in medicine, Iran is one of the successful destinations in this field and has potentials of more achievements. Below are some main reasons why Iran is a magnificent medical tourism destination, which hosts many travelers and patients for this high quality treatment.


Universities and education

There are many top ranked medical universities in different cities of Iran, like the Medical University of Tehran, Medical University of Shiraz, Shahdi Beheshti Medical University and etc. Many of these medical universities are among the top universities of the world. Every year students get educated and trained by the experienced masters and then they are graduated as physicians and specialists. There are also many well-educated Iranian physicians who have studied in top medical universities all over the world.


Advanced hospitals and equipment

There are about 1000 governmental and private hospitals in Iran and most of them are equipped with the newest medical devices and tools. Moreover, the professional team of doctors and their proficiency in diagnose and cure has caused the patients to be completely satisfied with the health services they receive. Professor Majid Samii, the distinguished neurosurgeon and the deceased Dr. Ali Asghar Khodadoust, the world-known eye surgeon are the physicians of the current decade, whom the Iranians are proud of.


Variety of Medical services

Hospitals of Iran provide a wide range of medical services. With many expert optometrists, modern equipment and first-class hospitals, Shiraz is known as the center of eye care in Iran, drawing numerous patients from neighbor countries for eye Lasik, eyelid and Cataract surgery and check-ups. Also, Iran has one of the highest rates in cardiac surgery, liver and kidney transplant and neurology issues diagnosis.

Iran medical services are also getting popular in field of beauty surgeries like nose job, hair transplant, facelift, laser hair removal and different types of beauty operations.


Fair prices

Beside high satisfaction rate, the reasonable prices of medical services in Iran is the main reason for many patients who choose this country for curing their medical issues. The affordable prices, the good health care they receive and the additional services rendered to them are the reasons that many patients travel to Iran from Arab states of the Persian Gulf and other neighbor countries of Asia.


Iran nature and sightseeing

A good health and medical tourism destination is an area with healthy climate, mild weather and even interesting attractions for visit. Iran is a four season country with different climates and numerous areas with mild and fresh weather and eye-catching landscapes which are great places for retreating and leaving stress behind. The villages on the heights in north and North West of Iran have fabulous weather during spring and summer, while the southern islands provide a warm and clean weather with a pleasant sunshine during winter. On the other hand, Iran has many hot water springs that attracts a big number of travelers. These hot springs are known for their positive effect on blood circulation, metabolism, reducing stress and curing different muscle and bone diseases like arthritis or different skin diseases. Most of hot springs are located in the north and west of Iran. The hot springs of Sarein are located on the skirt of Sabalan Mount and offer a fabulous weather and landscape during spring.


Additional services

Before patients decides to travel to Iran for health care, they might have concerns about different aspects of their medical trip to Iran, but everything is going to be taken care of before they enter Iran. Ghoghnos Travel Company provides various services to such travelers and their companions. Some of these services are mentioned below:

  • Arranging an appointment with any physician and specialist that the applicant requires to visit, before they arrive Iran.
  • Guiding and helping applicants in the process of receiving an Iran medical visa
  • Reserving the convenient hotels or other types of accommodation for the patient and their family throughout their trip to Iran
  • Managing the arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Arranging day tours to show the attractions of Iran to the patient’s family accompanied by a tourist guide
  • Assigning a translator and leader, who helps them communicating with the physician, buying required medications and leading them through the medical services step by step
  • Being in contact with the patient after they left Iran and helping them to contact the physician in case of emergency

As mentioned above, medical tourism in Iran is growing up fast and we have good feedbacks from patients who have the experience of having a surgery or doctor appointments in this country. Also the number of applicants are increasing and the range of medical and health services is getting more vast and diverse. If you are planning on traveling to Iran for medical services you can contact us on for more information or booking related services.