Iran Travel Insurance



Problems tend to happen at the wrong moments, and your trip is not an exception to this. Iran travel insurance will help you have a safe and stress-free journey to the ancient country of Persia.


When you decide to hit the road and go on a trip to another country, incidents can happen. Although you have everything ready and think that nothing could go wrong, you never know what to expect. Anything is possible at any time. That is why for not letting your Iran tours get spoiled, it is wiser to plan your to-do lists, with purchasing Iran travel insurance on top. Since having travel insurance for an Iran visa from a reliable and efficient provider is a must, you need to consider it while applying for your tourist visa. You will find information about travel insurance in Iran and its coverage in the following record.  


Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance for Iran

If you are traveling to Iran for your next vacation, the first step you need to take is applying for your Iran tourist visa and travel insurance. Whether you get your visa before traveling or you collect it at the airport on arrival (VOA), you must apply for Iran travel insurance as well. You may get your travel insurance for Iran online by contacting our travel agency beforehand. Getting Iran travel insurance on arrival is also possible, although it is more expensive. For issuing travel insurance, Iran airport offers 24/7 services to all passengers and tourists. Note that if you have not set a return date yet for any reason, you can still get one direct travel insurance as well. For getting Iran travel insurance on arrival, you need to pay your insurance fee in Euro or USD in cash only. All your Iran travel insurance requirements, such as the application form and your valid passport, should be presented at the airport as well. A note of warning: without submitting your travel insurance, an Iran visa will not be issued. 

For getting your travel insurance for Iran, you may want to find a responsible and reliable Iran trip insurance company, which covers health insurance, accidents, baggage loss, and more. If you have planned to purchase Iran travel insurance from a local company in your country, you should first make sure if travel insurance Iran is being included in their coverage list. Note that in many insurance providers’ indices, such as AXA travel insurance, Iran travel is excluded. However, the best way of getting travel insurance for Iran is to purchase it by contacting Iran travel agencies. Our colleagues at Ghoghnos Travel Agency can provide you with the most efficient travel insurance in Iran. You only need to send your Iran travel insurance requirements to our incoming tour department to apply for your travel insurance.


Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance


Iran Travel Insurance Coverage

You can just one day wake up and feel sick while on your vacation. Sadly sickness does not care if you are having fun. Therefore, it is wise to expect is to appear and turn your travel into a nightmare. Having Iran health insurance, traveling to the country will be safer and more stress-free for sure because it fully covers the hospital bills and doctor visits. Besides, some of your belongings or documents can get damaged or, even worse, lost. The travel insurance can cover the reparation costs of your damaged belongings. You can even make a valid claim over your lost items by having Iran travel insurance. In case your crucial documents, such as your passport, accidentally get lost, travel insurance will save you as well. Local travel insurance companies usually cover:

-    Refund of treatment expenses, medical and surgical 
   Repatriation to home country in case of hospitalization or death
   Legal support and assistance
-    Assistance in loss of documents, luggage, etc.  

A professional provider of travel insurance covers Iran tours’ unexpected occurrences, such as sickness, hospitalization, injuries, baggage loss, passport loss, personal liability, and more. We will offer our travelers the most reliable local Iranian travel companies specialized in presenting the best travel insurance Iran packages for different ages and conditions. In the following, you may find detailed Ghoghnos Travel Insurance coverage of Iran travels: 


Type of cover

Limits (EUR)

Medical expenses and hospitalization abroad, except aesthetic treatments, chronic ailments or illness existed prior to the inception date of policy Deductible EUR 25 (except emergency cases, and hospitalization more than 24 hours)

EUR 10000

Emergency dental care. It is restricted to treatment of pain, infection and removal of both affected Deductible:  EUR 25

EUR 200

Emergency return home following death of a close family member or

Actual Expenses

Transport or repatriation in case of illness or accident

EUR 5500

Repatriation of mortal remains

Actual Expenses

Legal Assistance

EUR 250

Repatriation of family member traveling with the insured

Actual Expenses

Loss of passport, driving license, national identity card abroad

EUR 200

Loss of registered luggage benefits of this clause and previous one cannot be accumulated.

EUR 150



Iran Travel Insurance Cost

Your Iran travel insurance fee depends on your age and the duration of your stay. You can contact our colleagues to ask about the exact amount of your travel insurance in Iran. They will also help you receive other travel services, such as Iran tourist visa, Iran CIP services, Iran tailor made tours, and more.