Iran Bus Booking

Iran Bus Booking

Iran Bus Booking

Being a budget-friendly destination, Iran will be a perfect place to visit. Our Iran bus booking team will help you discover the country with cheap, flexible, and convenient buses.

Iran Bus Booking:

Iran is a vast land with a large number of attractions in different cities. If you like to enjoy your Iran travel to the fullest, you may want to visit as many tourist attractions as possible without paying much. Thanks to a broad and efficient network of bus transportation in Iran, you will have the opportunity to move readily between cities safely and cheaply. Iran’s network of roads spans around 52,000 km, connecting north to south and east to west; therefore, you can find almost no destinations not being accessible by Iran inter-city buses. Our Iran ticket department at Ghoghnos Travel Agency will help you with your Iran bus booking to make your Iran travel even more enjoyable and comfortable. 
Being an adventurous traveler, you might love to discover Iran’s smaller cities at the lowest cost. Then inter-city buses would be the perfect option for you to fulfill your itinerary. However, booking a bus in Iran from a foreign country is not a simple task due to the economic sanctions against Iran. You only need to contact our Iran bus booking team and let them know your itinerary, and they will do the whole procedure of your Iran bus ticket booking. In the following, you will read more about bus traveling in Iran, Iran bus VIP tickets and bus terminals, and bus booking in Iran. 

Iran Bus Transportation:

Bus transportation is a common means of traveling all over the world because of its high availability and low cost. Iran is not an exception: around 400 million bus trips are made in the country year-round; therefore, bus transportation is considered an affordable option for the tourists who want to visit more spots on their itinerary. There are more than twenty private bus companies in Iran, providing inter-city bus transportation. These companies, including Iran Peyma, Seir-o safar, Royal Safar, Hamsafar, etc., offer their services in two types of regular and VIP. You need to choose the preferred bus type before your Iran bus booking. 

VIP Bus Ticket Iran, Iran Bus Booking, VIP Bus Seat
VIP Seats


Iran Bus, VIP Type: 

Iran bus, VIP type is recommended for tourists due to their convenience and comfort. They are equipped with an air conditioning system, reclining seats, fridge, private TV, WiFi, and spacious double or solo seats. No food is served on Iran bus, VIP type, but the passengers are welcomed by a small pack of snacks and drinks. There are 25 seats on VIP buses that can be converted into half-beds and provide more space and comfort. Therefore, these buses are highly recommended for night trips when you can save your time and money on overnight VIP buses. There are no toilets on the buses, but they regularly stop at service areas, where the passengers might have a meal or drink, use restrooms, smoke, or have a short walk. Booking a VIP ticket is possible at Ghoghnos Travel Agency. You only need to choose your route and date of departure for your Iran bus ticket booking. 


Hamsafar VIP Bus, Iran Bus Providing Companies, Iran Bus Booking
Hamsafar VIP Bus


Iran Bus, Regular Type:

While VIP buses have 25 seats, regular buses offer 44 seats; therefore, they are not as comfortable as VIP buses. However, regular buses are good choices for short distances and day trips. Generally speaking, buying a bus ticket in Iran is so cost-effective that it would be better to purchase a VIP ticket for maximal convenience and safety. 

Bus Ticket in Iran: The Prices

As mentioned above, booking a bus in Iran is truly cost-effective. Iran’s transportation is so cheap in general, and bus ticket in Iran is specifically low-priced. Booking a bus in Iran (from Tehran to Isfahan, for example) will cost 4 Euros, while a VIP ticket on the same route will cost only 8 Euros. Note that on Nowrouz holidays (Iranian New Year holidays), the prices go up a little, but they are still quite reasonable. 

Iran Bus Booking: Terminals

Bus Terminals are usually located on the outskirts of the cities; however, you can easily get there by metro and public or private taxis. Bus providing companies offer some booths inside the terminals, where you can purchase tickets if they are available. There are also some facilities, including restrooms, supermarkets, souvenir shops, restaurants and cafés, and accommodation services in some cases. There are four bus terminals in Tehran, depending on the routes: Azadi Terminal, Beyhaghi, South, and Tehranpars Terminals that offer a great range of options for specific destinations or dates. Our Iran bus ticket booking team will help you choose your appropriate terminal based on your selected routes. 


Iran Bus Terminals
Iran Bus Terminals


Iran Bus Booking: Popular Routes

All major and most minor travel destinations in Iran are accessible by both bus and train. Here you can find some popular bus routes, most of the tourists travel:

Tabriz to Tehran
Tehran to Isfahan
Isfahan to Shiraz
Shiraz to Yazd
Yazd to Kerman
Shiraz to Bandar Lengeh

Being interested in booking a bus in Iran, you do not need to worry about the routes’ safety. The roads and highways are quite safe in Iran, and the bus drivers are obliged to observe the speed limit and security issues. Besides, all the buses (specifically VIP ones) are new and modern; therefore, they are truly safe.  
Our Iran bus booking department at Ghoghnos Travel Agency, with a prolific experience in bus booking, will provide the whole process of getting your bus ticket in Iran. You only need to choose your departure route, date, and destination to let them check the availabilities and booking the most appropriate bus ticket for you. Our colleagues will also provide you with other services, including Iran tourist visa issuance, Iran flight booking, Iran train booking, and offering Iran CIP services. Just contact us for more information.