CIP services in Iran

CIP services in Iran
CIP services in Iran

What are CIP services?

After a long flight between two countries, with swollen feet and maybe lack of proper sleep, it seems very difficult to wait for your suitcase at baggage claim or maybe spend an hour to receive your visa on arrival and at last start to bargain with the taxi driver for a reasonable price of a transfer to your hotel! As a traveler who takes many trips during a year, you may prefer to skip these stages in order to have more time for taking a good rest at hotel or maybe starting to explore the city you have just entered. CIP airport services are the solution and are available to manage tiring errands mentioned above to the lowest level. CIP, which stands for Commercially Important Person, includes various airport amenities, usually provided to celebrated business figures like the managers of big companies and famous business owners, but since these services are purchasable every traveler can reserve airport CIP services. The difference between CIP and VIP services is that CIP doesn’t include security and that is why every traveler who is interested can use these facilities and make their trip easier. Especially in a destination where is visited for the first time, CIP services are more helpful.


CIP services in Iran

 Just like in other countries, you can take advantage of CIP services both upon arrival to Iran and at the time of departure from this country. Today, almost 90 percent of Iran tours start from Tehran and then finish in the same city, which means both arrival and departure flights will be done at International Imam Khomeini Airport. Imam Khomeini Airport, also known as IKA is the primary international airport of Iran, located 30 kilometers southwest of Iran. This airport which was opened in 2004, has 3 terminals and an exclusive CIP lounge, which is a great hall in 7 thousand meters in square and in 3 floors.


CIP services in Imam Khomeini Airport include:

Transferring passengers from the lounge to the airplane stairs on departure flights and transferring them from the stairs to the CIP lounge on arrival, on a private car. By this service, the CIP passenger can skip the long queue on the airplane stairs and is not made to ride on those crowded buses transferring passengers to the lounge!


Passport control

Passport control and stamping will be done at separated counter and a lot of time will be saved, especially during high season when airports are crowded by passengers.


Customs and luggage affairs

Customs affairs including luggage inspection, payment of taxes or checking out luggage from the storeroom are CIP services of this section. It also covers the difficult part of baggage claim, carrying it to the car and following up lost, delayed or damaged luggage in case these issues occur.


Flight check-in

The luggage, tickets and the passport of the passengers will be issued to the reception counter by the CIP operator and the boarding pass, luggage receipt and their documents will be handed to the passenger in return. All these will be done with highest accuracy.


Visa on arrival services

Many travelers say that one of the most time consuming and confusing activities is the visa on arrival procedure, which should be done right after they arrive at the airport lounge. It sometimes confuses the passengers to find the visa office and to figure out the required documents and to pay the visa fee. With a CIP operator helping you, your Iran visa on arrival will be issued in a much shorter time.


Money exchange

With CIP services guides you can also have a safer money exchange with a good rate in the authentic exchange shops of Imam Khomeini Airport.


Airport transfer

The CIP services also include transfers from airport to the hotel and from the hotel to airport, on a private vehicle. With pre-arranged transfers the passenger can enjoy a visiting the city and forget about finding the address or bargaining about the taxi fare.


Additional facilities

While the mentioned services are getting done, you can take a rest and enjoy additional facilities of CIP lounge, like:

  • Big catering hall with various Iranian and international food
  • Cozy café serving various snacks, cold beverages and coffees
  • High speed wireless internet
  • Various shops for purchasing souvenirs like, Persian handicrafts, caviar, Iranian nuts dried fruits and etc.
  • Using a comfortable room at the airport hotel to take a rest for some hour before your flight


How to book CIP services?

If you have planned your trip to Iran and you are interested in booking CIP services in Iran you can easily contact CIP service companies and agencies through email or phone calls and reserve a package of CIP services you might require. You can even reserve a package of CIP service as a gift and send its voucher to your friend or family member who is going to travel to Iran.