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7Days Yazd and Kerman Desert Tour

About This Tour

This is an adventurous desert tour in Iran. You will explore the intact deserts by SUV cars. Besides you will escape the city and spend nights, like no other, under the stars in the tranquil Lut Desert. The best time for going on this tour is March, April, May, September, October and November.

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Tour 7Days Yazd and Kerman Desert Tour (GH 106)
Tour style: Desert Tours
Trip Length 7 Days
Places You will Visit Tehran - Kerman - shahdad - Yazd - Tehran
Departure Date 10/08/2019
Arrival Date 10/08/2019
Hotels upon request

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Customizable Trip Itineray

map list 1
  • In the morning (08:10 am) you will take a flight to Kerman. In Kerman you have a city tour which includes visiting Ganjali Khan Complex and Fathabad garden. Overnight: Kerman
  • Visited:Tehran ,Kerman
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 2
  • Today you will visit Arg-e-Bam citadel, 190 km far from Kerman. Overnight: Kerman
  • Visited:Kerman
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 3
  • In the morning you will have a great excursion to Mahan and Rayen. In Mahan you will visit Shazdeh garden and Aramgah-e Shah Ne’matollah Vali; then you will proceed to Rayen citadel. You will continue your trip to small village of Gandom Beryan in the hea
  • Visited:Kerman
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 4
  • Today you will have an amazing desert tour with SUV car. You will see one the hottest spots in the world. (Shahdad Kaluts) Overnight: Gandom Beryan
  • Visited:shahdad
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 5
  • Today you will drive toward Yazd. On the way you will visit Zeinodin Carvanserai. In Yazd you will visit Amir Chakhmagh Square and Dowlat Abad Garden (UNESCO World Heritage). Overnight: Yazd
  • Visited:shahdad ,Yazd
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 6
  • City tour in Yazd continues to visit Jame Mosque, Prison of Alexander, Zoroastrian fire temple, Towers of Silence and ancient part of city (Fahadan). Overnight: Yazd
  • Visited:Yazd
  • Hotel:upon request
map list 7
  • Today you will be free to explore the city. You will be transferred to airport for flight to Tehran at 20:10.
  • Visited:Yazd ,Tehran
  • Hotel:upon request
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