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Tabriz Travel Guide

Tabriz Travel Guide

Being one of the well-known metropolises of Iran, Tabriz the capital city of East Azerbaijan province, is a remarkable, beautiful city in the country. In addition to its significant position in different fields of industry, economy, art, etc., Tabriz has a rich historical and cultural background as well, which has made Tabriz travel an exciting experience.

Tabriz has faced many ups and downs throughout history but it has maintained its political, social, economic, and cultural position. The city is geographically located in the western side of East Azerbaijan province, at the fringe of the southeast of Tabriz plain and historically dates back to the Parthian and the Sassanid eras. Tabriz was considered the fifth largest city of the world when being the capital of the Safavids in 1500 A.D. If you are eager to travel to Tabriz, the current Tabriz travel guide will give you sufficient information about Tabriz tours and travels.


Tabriz Travel Basic Info

Lying on a steppe region, the climate of Tabriz city is dry and hot in summers, cold and dry in winters. The average temperature in July is 25, and in January minus 2 degrees Celsius. Therefore, the best time to travel to Tabriz is summer specifically late September. Make sure not to lose our different travel packages in Tabriz fall and winter 2020 below.

Staying Tabriz, you may have a choice between varieties of accommodations from apartments to five star luxurious hotels where you can receive a very warm service.  Tabriz hotels with a great qualification and hospitability will be available in our Tabriz tours 2020 where you can find Laleh Park Kaya Hotel, Elgoli Hotel, Shahriar Hotel, Tabriz International Hotel and Petrochemical Hotel which are among the bests in Tabriz city. No doubt following our Tabriz tours and travels, you will have an amazing, unforgettable travel.

Tabriz travel would be an interesting experience you will never forget. Being a clean, elegant city with a noticeable number of historical attractions, the city has been always a golden one in tourism. Just keep up with our enjoyable Tabriz tours to make wonderful memories. 


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What to See in Tabriz Travel?

Tabriz is the third largest city and one of the most beautiful cities in Iran with a prolific cultural, historical background. Therefore a great portion of Tabriz tourism depends on the city’s large number of historical constructions as well as perfectly beautiful nature specifically in spring and summer which attract numerous tourists year round. If you wonder what to see in Tabriz, a few attractions are listed below where you have the opportunity of visiting them during Tabriz travel in an Iran private tour.

  • Tabriz Bazaar:

The old bazaar of Tabriz, with an area of ​​about one square kilometer, is marked as the largest traditional indoor bazaar in the world.

  • The Tabriz Municipality Museum:

Located in the basement of the Tabriz Municipality Palace building, the museum is the first and only museum in the history of Iranian municipalities, among the similar types of museums in the world after those of China.

This enchanting, peerless mosque with its turquoise blue shades is considered the turquoise of the Islamic world.

  •  Elgoli: 

Elgoli or Shah Goli is one of the most considerable tourist attractions in Tabriz where its elegant night view attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to the garden. A well architected mansion in the heart of a diaphanous pool has given it an island-like shape.


  • Alisha Citadel, Tabriz:

Alisha Citadel, also known as Tabriz Citadel, Alisha Arch, and Alisha Mosque in different historical periods, is located in the center of Tabriz's ancient city. This is definitely one of the most popular sites in Tabriz tourism.

  • Ali Monsieur House:

Belonging to Ali Monsieur, a critical figure in the democratic movement, the house is an interesting site to visit in Tabriz travel. You may also see objects related to the constitutional period, including documents, weapons, and old photographs.

Qajar Museum of Tabriz, Constitutional Museum, Tabriz carpet market, Arasbaran Forest and modern and large shopping malls are among other tourist attractions where you can visit travelling to Tabriz.


Traditional Tabriz Foods and Restaurants:

Tabrizi Meatballs, Carrot Stew, Green Bean Cutlet, Doimaj, Yogurt Soup, Abgoosht, Dolmeh, Fruit Soup, etc. are among the most popular traditional Tabriz foods. Of course, it should be noted that a great diversity of Tabriz foods with unforgettable tastes will be accessible in the city’s local restaurants during your Tabriz travel.

One of the well-known restaurants in this city is Mach Gas Restaurant. Haj Ali Restaurant, which is located in the traditional bazaar of Tabriz, is one of the most popular restaurants among tourists as well. Bakhtar Restaurant and Mozaffari Kebab House are also two other wonderful restaurants you can have meal in a Tabriz travel.


Handicrafts & Souvenirs of Tabriz Travel

Stay tuned with this Tabriz travel guide where you may find ideas about what to do in Tabriz and what kind of handicrafts and souvenirs you will find.

With its global reputation, Tabriz is known as one of the main producers of Iranian popular carpets. Tabriz leather, with its high quality and beauty needs no more introductions. Carpets, kilims, embroidered leather, handmade glass, engraved metal utensils, pottery, etc. are among the most remarkable Tabriz handicrafts and souvenirs that you can purchase in your travel to Tabriz.

Tabriz food souvenirs are also diverse and may satisfy all tastes. Therefore make sure you do not forget to try the delicious traditional foods and sweets in your Tabriz travel. The most tasteful and popular souvenirs of the city are nuts, baklava, Qarabieh, nougat, Rahat el Halkum dairy products, and cheese. Other delicious souvenirs accessible in the city are Eris, Loz, Walnut Halva, and Natural Honey. Tabriz tours will give you the opportunity of tasting these unforgettable goodies.

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