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Ahwaz Travel Guide

Travel to Ahvaz:

The metropolitan center of Khuzestan province, Ahvaz, lies in southwestern Iran. Having the ancient city of Susa (Shush) nearby, the district was considered the capital of the Elamite dynasty and the winter capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Therefore Ahvaz travel sounds a “must” in the chain visits to the Persian capitals.

Ahvaz is hosting many warmhearted, affectionate, and hospitable Iranians, who have still kept their jollity despite the difficult life they are going through, after the long war against Iraq. The city is wakeful to the late night hours while people are walking through the sidewalks, eating out, and listening to the enlivening local music. Ahvaz travel will be such an amazing experience in your life, which remains unforgettable. Just keep up with our Ahvaz Travel Guide.



Ahvaz Travel Guide:

Being the country’s second hot city, Ahvaz is mainly a two season land. 45 to 50 degree Celsius are registered in July and August, when the weather is really sultry. But if there is no aerosol, the weather will be truly delicate in autumn, winter, and spring. The tree leaves remain all green, and when everywhere is covered with snow, you may have an enjoyable walk in the mild weather of the city. Ahwas travel is also an amazing experience in the spring, when a gentle breeze caresses your face. For picking the best Ahvaz tour, you may check the available packages in our Ahvaz fall and winter 2020 below.

There are daily flights from Tehran to Ahvaz in Khuzestan, and it takes around seventy minutes to travel to Ahvaz by plain. The best Ahvaz hotels are usually nearby the Karun, where you may have an amazing view of the riverside. Ahvaz Pars Hotel, the best hotel in the city, will serve you with a great hospitability during your Ahwaz travel. Just make sure you are not going to lose our Ahvaz tours 2020 below.

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Travel guide to Ahvaz

Ahvaz attractions:

Ahvaz tourism is mainly depended on its nearby historical tourist attractions such as Susa and Shushtar, two ancient Persian capitals. Susa (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is one of the world’s oldest civilizations dating back to 4200 B.C. Being 115 kilometers far from Ahvaz in Khuzestan, Susa is registered as the capital of the Elamite dynasty and the winter capital of Darius the Great, the third Persian King of Kings, of the Achaemenian Empire. Susa contains several artificial archaeological hills, surrounding some vast excavated areas as well as the remains of Artaxerxes’ palace.



Being one of the world’s few existing Ziggurats, Chogha Zanbil is an ancient temple, founded by the King Untash-Napirisha in 1250 B.C. for worshiping the Elamite gods. Another UNESCO World Heritage site in the area is Apadana Palace of Susa, the winter palace of Darius I, which emerged in the excavation of ninety years ago. With amazing firm walls made of adobe, and huge stony pillars, the construction is truly majestic, so proper to the greatness of Achaemenian Kings. By taking an Iran private tour, you will definitely have the opportunity of visiting this dormant grandeur in your Ahvaz travel.



Mausoleum of Daniel-e Nabi is another well visited tourist attraction near Ahvaz in Khuzestan. The tomb of Daniel, a Biblical and Islamic prophet, with its unique, ornamented, conical dome is always a favorable site for an Ahvaz tour.



Apart from the ancient surrounding sites, you may wonder what to see in Ahvaz city itself. The city of bridges, Ahvaz, is getting the blood in its veins through the Karun, the longest and the biggest river in the country. The Karun splits the city into two districts, while ten huge bridges are crossing it. The White Bridge (Pol-e Sefid) is the fourth cantilever bridge of the world, constructed by a German engineer as a steel-framed structure. The site is one of the most significant ones in Ahvaz tourism.

Kianpars Nature Bridge, with a long artificial waterfall, creates a picturesque image at nights with a delicate lightening. The bridge is connecting two popular parks crammed by many foodie destinations, where people spend long Ahvaz nights: an unforgettable memory of your Ahwaz travel.

Wondering what to do in Ahvaz, you may want to stay tuned with this Ahvaz travel guide. Boating on the Karun among the nice people of Ahvaz, will be definitely an amazing experience. You may also want to try Ahvaz foods with their hot and spicy taste. Ghaliyeh Mahi, a popular Ahvaz sea food is worth tasting. Falafel (fried peas with a spicy flavor) is a traditional, delicious food, loved by everyone! Samboose (made with fried meat, potatoes, and hot sauces) is another spicy traditional fast food. Don’t forget to taste the delicious desert of Ahvaz, Ranginak, made of dates.


Handicrafts and Souvenirs of Ahwaz Travel:

You will be amazed seeing a land filled with date palm farms in Ahvaz. Therefore, delicious souvenirs of your Ahvaz travel will be different types of dates, such as Kabkaab, Shakeri, Zahedi, and the tasty edibles made with them. Colorful handmade rugs (Kelim) are the most precious handicrafts you will find in Ahwaz travel. You may also see other beautiful handicrafts ornamented with enameling, woodworking, and etching. Hand-woven clothes, mostly made of camel wool, are among the other popular products of the talented people of Ahvaz.

Ahwaz travel will be definitely an amazing, unforgettable memory in your life. So take the action of getting your Iran visa, pick your Ahvaz tour and travel to Ahvaz.

  • Duration:15 Days
  • Starts / Ends In: Tehran / Kashan
  • Date:10-08-2019 /10-08-2019
  • Tour style: Iran Cultural Tour