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Shopping in Tehran: The Experience of Mixing Shopping Venues
Shopping in Tehran

Shopping in Tehran: The Experience of Mixing Shopping Venues 

With a population of approximately 20 million, Tehran offers plenty of shopping options, from traditional bazaars to super modern, luxurious shopping malls and street vendors. Whereas Tehran is the travelers’ final port before leaving the country, they prefer to fill their suitcases up before jetting off. Therefore, having an appropriate Tehran travel guide, they will find where to buy the best souvenirs and handicrafts, fashion and jewelry, antiques, and the well-known Persian carpets. To get the most out of shopping in Tehran, keep up with this brief record that includes a few Tehran shopping tips.

Berlin Alley, Shopping in Tehran
Berlin Alley, Ferdowsi Avenue, Tehran
  Tehran Souvenirs: A Collection of Iran Specialties
  Tehran Shopping Malls alongside Old Bazaars

Having been famous for the Silk Road bazaars, Iran has a long mercantile history. In current Iranian bazaars and retails, most shops are owned and operated by locals, who often sell Iranian-made goods. Generally speaking, shopping venues in Iran are divided into three initial types: traditional bazaars, shopping malls, and street shops. What is exciting about Tehran shopping is that with the emergence of modern shopping malls and huge department stores, the bazaars have not lost their place. Thousands of people pass through the old corridors of traditional bazaars every day to purchase their needed goods. In the following, you will get to know more about shopping in Tehran along with some popular Tehran shopping centers.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, Shopping in Tehran, Nuts, Dried Fruits
Nuts and Dried Fruits Store in Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Shopping Tips:

 Prices are often negotiable, especially in the bazaars when the goods do not have price tags. However, in Tehran shopping malls, you may not bargain over price tagged goods.
 Since famous brands are so popular in Iran, many local producers make goods marked with fake brand logos. Therefore, you may find an Adidas T-shirt at an unbelievably low price, which is totally a fake one.
 With the spread of Iran online shopping websites, many Iranians order what they need, from grocery to jewelry, online. Therefore, if you prefer e-shopping, Iran online websites will be perfect options. Note that for doing online shopping, Iran websites are much safer than Instagram shopping.
 One of the interesting Tehran shopping tips is related to the shopping districts. There are dedicated streets in Tehran for some particular items. For instance, Ferdowsi Avenue is the place to buy leather, or Nejatollahi (Villa) Street is the center of Iranian handicrafts.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, Shopping in Tehran
Tehran Grand Bazaar

While having lots of modern shopping centers, thousands of people still pass through the old corridors of traditional bazaars every day to purchase their needed goods.

Shopping in Tehran Traditional Bazaars:

Tehran bazaars are often a mixture of regular shops and wholesales. Being historically and architecturally valued, they are certain destinations for almost all Tehran tours:

  • Tehran Grand Bazaar:

With more than 20,000 shops and ten-kilometer winding corridors, Tehran Grand Bazaar is more like a labyrinth in which you can easily get lost. The famous carpet bazaar is almost near the entrance, where you can see many carpet sellers inviting you to see their exquisite Persian carpets and drink a cup of tea in their showrooms. Filled with many narrow alleys, each section of Tehran Grand Bazaar is dedicated to specific goods, including gold and jewelry, fabrics, leather, housewares, etc. Unlike locals, tourists cannot often experience successful shopping in Tehran Grand Bazaar. But it is definitely worth visiting to get the real feel of Tehran shopping.
Address: 15 Khordad Street, District 12, Tehran (best access: Panzdah-e Khordad Metro Station)
Opening Hours: Sat. to Wed.: 9:00 to 18:00-Thursdays: 9:00 to 12:00

Tajrish Bazaar, Shopping in Tehran
Tajrish Bazaar
  • Tajrish Bazaar:

Being located in northern Tehran, Tajrish Bazaar is a small scale for Tehran Grand Bazaar. Since it is not as crowded as Grand Bazaar, it will be perfect for purchasing last-minute souvenirs. You may find high-quality dried fruits and nuts, herbal tea, saffron and other spices, handicrafts, Iranian handmade accessories, local souvenirs of other cities like Isfahan’s Gaz, elegant and classy jewelry, etc. Tajrish square also offers a few modern shopping centers, such as Qaem Passage, Tandis, and Arg Shopping mall, where you can find some fashion, gemstones, cosmetics, perfumes, etc.
Address: Tajrish Square, District 1, Tehran (best access: Tajrish Metro Station)
Opening Hours: Sat. to Thur.: 9:00 to 23:00- Fridays: 9:00 to 20:00

Arg Tajrish Shopping Mall
Arg Shopping Mall, Tajrish Square
  • Tehran Shopping Malls:

Modernity has brought about a new lifestyle and requirements. Shopping tips have also been affected by this breeze of the modern world. Tehran hosts many brand new shopping malls, which are always very populated with families and youngsters both. Shopping in Tehran malls is initially people’s fun, because of the included side facilities, food courts, restaurants, and cafés. You may find international, original brands, cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, etc., in Tehran luxurious shopping malls, such as Palladium Shopping mall, Sam Center, Sana Shopping Center, Arg Shopping mall, etc.

Sam Center, Shoe Store
A Shoe- Store at Sam Center
  • Tehran Street Shopping:

For street shopping, Tehran pavements on some specific streets are available options. Tajrish square, Tehran Grand Bazaar pavements, Vali-e Asr Street, and some other populated streets full of vendors are the centers for street shopping in Tehran. If you are looking for cheap shopping in Tehran, you only need to walk through a crowded street or even get on the Tehran metro. You will find lots of vendors and street sellers, selling everything but the kitchen sink; however, you should not expect high-quality goods then.

Street Shopping in Tehran, Cheap Shopping in Tehran
Vali-e Asr Street Shopping

Having an idea for cheap shopping in Tehran, Jome Bazaar (Friday Market) will be an exciting choice. As the name suggests, this vendor bazaar is only open on Fridays. Hundreds of stallholders and vendors flock to a multi-story parking lot (Parvaneh Parking) on Jomhouri Street to sell their goods. Antiques, Iranian knickknacks, copperware, records, vintage, clothes, arts, and handicrafts designed by locals are among the thousands of things you may find in Parvaneh Friday Market.

Parvaneh Friday Market, Jome Bazaar, Parking Parvaneh, Antique Market, Cheap Shopping in Tehran
Parvaneh Friday Market (Jome Bazaar)

Parveneh Parking Lot, Jomhouri Avenue, Tehran
Access Time: Fridays 8:00 to 16:00

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