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Tehran Souvenirs: A Collection of Iran Specialties
Iranian Artist Doing Enameling Work
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Tehran Souvenirs: A Collection of Iran Specialties 

Purchasing Tehran souvenirs means purchasing all types of souvenirs you can find in the country. Being the capital city, Tehran is the center of exhibiting, selling and distributing different products from all over the country, including local handicrafts, carpets, confectionaries, spices and dried nuts. In other words, you may easily find all kinds of Iranian souvenirs in Tehran.

Khatam kari, Inlaid Work
Inlaid-work Jewelry Box
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Except for a few hardly attractive souvenirs from Tehran itself, such as Damavand apples, Tehran Jajeem and Mulberries, the city does not offer any special souvenirs of its own. However it is considered the land of Iranian souvenirs, both handmade and foodie ones. You might have lost the chance of buying local specialties, while visiting Isfahan, Kashan and Shiraz. Don’t worry! You will find all their souvenirs in Tehran from soup to nuts, with affordable prices!

Tehran Souvenirs: Silver Carvings
Tehran Souvenirs: Silver Carvings

Things to buy in Tehran:

As mentioned above, you may find all types of Iran souvenirs in Tehran. Carpets and handicrafts are among the popular things to buy in Tehran. Fine enameling works (Minakari), beautiful inlaid works on dishes, boxes and etc. (khatam kari), mosaic works (Mo’arragh), woodcarvings (Monabbat), and silver carvings (Noghre kari) are some of the delicate and popular handicrafts and souvenirs in Tehran. Kilim, Gabbeh, Termeh, Jajeem and different hand-woven clothes and shoes (Giveh) are among souvenirs from Tehran as well.

Copper and Turquoise Dishes
Tehran Souvenir: Copper and Turquoise Dishes

Turquoise with its healing feature, will be an amazing souvenir, while its enchanting color is the reminder of elegant Iranian architecture and tile-workings, seen in beautiful Isfahan mosques.

Copper dishes hammering with small pieces of turquoise are truly favorable Tehran souvenirs among tourists, who want to bring something back home either as a memento or as a souvenir for the loved ones. Turquoise with its healing properties is regarded as a memorial of Persian architecture, which is ingrained with the color. It is said that turquoise stones are capable of detoxifying the body, while a turquoise necklace will definitely make you look even more gorgeous.

Silver Necklace with Turquoise - Tehran Souvenirs
Silver Necklace with Turquoise

Apart from turquoise accessories made with the stone situated within gold and silver, high end leather accessories are highly fashionable among Iranian new generations, and can be amazing Tehran souvenirs as well. Being mixed with gold and stones, leather accessories will give you an enchanting handsomeness. Due to their acceptable prices, leather accessories such as bracelets, key rings, wallets, and belts are very excellent souvenirs from Tehran, being gifted on your return trip.

Leather Accessories - Tehran Souvenirs
Leather Accessories

Not only handmade Tehran souvenirs, but also foodie souvenirs in Tehran are easily found with acceptable prices. Sweets, nuts, spices, dried fruits and caviar are the most popular edible Tehran souvenirs. Buying foodie souvenirs from Tehran will be an enjoyable part of your visit, while you may taste and try the delicious sweets and nuts before purchasing them!


Among the confectionary items, Isfahan local Gaz (made of egg whites, rose water, pistachio, almond and sugar) and Qom local Sohan (made out of wheat sprout, rose water, saffron, cardamom topped with pistachio) are the bests. The world’s best pistachio along with other nuts and dried fruits are easily accessible in Tehran as well.

Sohan - Tehran Souvenirs

Who has not heard about Iran red gold, saffron?! Saffron, caraway, turmeric, and many other oriental spices are among the most excellent souvenirs from Tehran. No need to talk about the world’s most famous caviar, belonging to the Caspian Sea Iran.


Where to buy souvenirs in Tehran:

If you wonder where to buy souvenirs in Tehran, you will find no difficulties seeing a souvenir shop in the city! You can find Tehran souvenirs easily in Tehran Grand Bazaar, Tajrish Bazaar or even some of Tehran shopping malls. However if you are looking for a great variety of handicrafts with acceptable prices, you can check the souvenir shops on Nejatollahi (Villa) Street, where you can find Termeh, Kilim, Jajeem and many hand-woven clothes and shoes (Giveh) as well. Almost all Tehran tours will plan a visit to Tehran Grand Bazaar, where you can see and purchase eye-catching Persian carpets from Kashan, Tabriz and Kerman.

Persian Carpet - Tehran Souvenirs
Persian Carpet

Tavazo’ chain stores are the best choices for buying organic, high quality dried nuts and fruits as well as various sweets and spices. There are many mixed nuts packages with different varieties, suitable to your taste, that you can buy for yourself or taking back home for your loved ones as Tehran souvenirs. Almost all local confectionaries, such as Isfahan gaz, Qom sohan, Yazd qottab, baqlava, pashmak, Kermanshah Kaak, and Tabriz qorabieh are easily found in Tavazo’ stores as well. Tajrish Bazaar is another wonderful place, where you can find Mashhad saffron, Kerman Caraway and other fragrant and colorful spices.

Mixed Dried Nuts
Mixed Dried Nuts

Being interested in antiques, you may like to visit Tehran Jome Bazaar. Situated in a multi-story car park (Parvaneh Parking), many stalls and venders will amaze you with their antique objects you will find nowhere else! (Note of warning: Jome Bazaar is held on Friday mornings only.)


Although caviar is an expensive Tehran souvenir, you may easily find it in small packs in Imam Khomeini Tehran International Airport (IKIA) duty free shop, where you find a variety of handmade and foodie souvenirs as well.

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