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Tehran Ski Resorts: Blue Runs for Having Winter Fun
Tehran Ski Resorts

Tehran Ski Resorts: Blue Runs for Having Winter Fun 

The mountainous capital of Iran, Tehran, hosts the main and the best ski resorts, favorable by almost all Iran ski tours. Tehran ski slopes, covered by high-quality powder snow from November to May, offer a cost-effective ski trip, which will leave unforgettable memories on your mind. If you want to have entertainment in Tehran, you might have thought about skiing in this mountainous city. Tehran ski resorts are perfect destinations for having winter sports at the best possible price.
There are five main ski resorts in Tehran, where you can enjoy your next winter holiday. The always snowy slopes and the cost-effective Iran ski trips have made skiing in Tehran province a popular fashion. Well-constructed and equipped Tehran ski resorts are attracting thousands of tourists and ski lovers year-round. However, if you are not professional, you may still benefit from training sites available in all ski resorts in Tehran to improve your skiing skills. Therefore, if you want to add an Iran ski tour to your wish list, do not miss this record. In the following, you will read more about Iran ski resorts near Tehran.

Ski Resorts Around Tehran, Tehran Ski Resorts, Dizin Ski Resort
Dizin Ski Resort
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1. Dizin Ski Resort:

Being located 70 kilometers away from Tehran, in Karaj city (Alborz province), Dizin is the most popular ski area among Tehran ski resorts. Dizin is the oldest and the largest ski resort around Tehran and the second-largest resort in the Middle East as well. As an international ski resort, Dizin ski area is approved by the International Ski Federation for its capability in administrating international and official competitions.
Dizin ski resort is open all year round, offering various sports and activities during winter and summer. Whereas other Tehran ski slopes, Dizin slopes are covered with fantastic powder snow, very suitable for skiing. Dizin ski resort blue runs lie at an altitude of 2650 to 3600 meters above sea level. Dizin’s winding green run with a length of 650 meters hosts international grass skiing competitions every summer, and the visitors can enjoy mountain biking, archery, kite riding, and high jumping as well.

Grass Skiing, Dizin Ski Resort, Ski Resorts Around Tehran
Dizin Grass Skiing

Like other ski resorts around Tehran, this ski area is equipped with several gondolas, chairlifts, surface lifts, a U piste, a beginners’ piste, and a training site. Apart from side facilities such as a tennis court and mountain climbing area, Dizin ski resort also offers two hotels, five restaurants, nineteen cottages, villas, and private apartments for accommodating local and overseas visitors.

Shemshak Ski Resort, Tehran Ski Resorts
Shemshak Ski Resort

2. Shemshak Ski Resort:

Shemshak ski resort is one of Iran ski resorts near Tehran, located in the Lavasan district. This Tehran ski resort elevation is 3050 meters above sea level; therefore, it is more suitable for professional skiers, while the Dizin ski resort is hosting all beginners, intermediate, and advanced ski lovers. Shemshak ski resort offers two main slopes with lighting facilities for night skiing. The resort is also equipped with two chairlifts, three surface lifts, and two hammer teleskis. Two hotels (Barin Hotel and Shemshak Hotel), four restaurants, and a coffee-house are situated in Shemshak ski resort for the skiers as well.

Tochal Ski Resort and Complex, Tehran Ski Resorts
Tochal Ski Resort

3. Tochal Ski Resort & Complex:

Tochal ski resort and complex” is known as the best Tehran ski, sledge, and snowboard location. Among all ski resorts in Tehran, Tochal is the nearest one to the city, which is located in the Velenjak district. Tochal is one of the most popular Tehran ski resorts because of its famous gondola lift line, which is one of the world’s longest lines with a length of 7500 meters. This Tehran ski resort elevation is 3850 meters above sea level at the highest point. Getting to the Tochal ski area, you need to use the seven-kilometer ride gondola, which will be a fascinating experience for sure. Tehran ski slopes on the Tochal Mountain are covered with snow for more than half a year. The area is equipped with a Doppelmayr chairlift, and a tele-ski improvised for transferring skiers. Apart from the Tochal Hotel, the resort hosts many restaurants, chairlifts, and other facilities for those who take ski trips in Iran.

Tochal Tele-Cabin, Tochal Ski Resort and Complex
Tochal Cable Car

Tochal ski resort is not an area only for skiing in Tehran province. It is different from other ski resorts around Tehran as to the side facilities it offers. Tochal ski resort & complex is equipped with a hiking trail, an archery club, a sledge, a bag jump, a zipline, VR Club, cable cars, a Cube Club, a tennis court, etc. It also offers separate facilities, including a training school for amateur skiers, several restaurants and cafés, a three-star hotel, and a two-kilometer ride on the snowmobile with a speed of 80000 mph.

One of the world’s highest hotels is situated in Tochal ski resort in Iran. Tochal hotel, located at an altitude of 3545 meters from sea level, is a unique place for overstaying while enjoying winter sports.

Darbandsar Ski Resort, Tehran Ski Resort
Darbandsar Ski Resort

4. Darbandsar Ski Resort:

Located near other Tehran ski resorts, Shemshak and Dizin, Darbandsar ski resort is the second largest ski resort around Tehran, which is 60 kilometers away from the city. It also includes restaurants, a ski training school, night skiing runs, and beginners’ piste. This Tehran ski resort elevation is 3500 meters above sea level, and it is quite suitable for skiing in Tehran province. Among all the Iran ski resorts near Tehran, Darbandsar ski resort is the only one that is capable of snowmaking.

Abali Ski Resort, Tehran Ski Resorts
Abali Ski Resort

5. Abali Ski Resort:

One of the oldest Tehran ski resorts, Abali resort, hosts small slopes suitable for more nonprofessional skiers. It is equipped with one cable car, five-button lifts, and one chair lift for transferring the visitors to its highest point at 2650 meters. The resort offers one hotel, six restaurants, and some side facilities, such as a training site, off-piste skiing, downhill skiing, tennis court, horseback riding, and gliding as well.

Tehran Ski Resort Prices:

Tehran ski resort prices are quite reasonable comparing to the services they offer. There are also rental shops in all Tehran ski resorts, where you can easily rent ski clothing, jackets, gloves, goggles, socks, snowboards, and ski poles at an acceptable price. (The prices depend on the brands and the time you take your ski trip.)

Skiing in Tehran Province
Skiing in Tehran Province

Since the Tehran ski slopes are snowy for more than half a year, Tehran ski resorts will be the perfect destinations for ski tours in Iran. Not only visiting Tehran attractions, but you can also have fun in all the ski resorts around Tehran.

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