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Online taxi in Iran: No Longer Worry about Taxi Expenses
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Online taxi in Iran: No Longer Worry about Taxi Expenses 

When it comes to take a trip, we mostly think about how much my travel expenses are going to be?
One of the main parts of our budget is dedicated to transportation.
Technology is growing fast across the globe and you can almost do anything you want on the Internet. There are so many apps which can help you through your trips in almost every way. Therefore, new and modern means of transportation have emerged in recent years. Online transportation systems are one of the new features in technology era and it have become popular among citizens all over the world. Recently, Iran has been added to the list of countries with the ride-hailing apps.

Follow this article to know more about:

• Online taxi in Iran like:

o Snapp app

o Tap30 app

• Are online taxi apps safe?

• Which transportation is cheaper; Online taxi or regular ones?

• Are Iran taxi apps available in all cities?

Online Taxi in Iran

Online taxi in Iran is a new feature that has been used by a lot of people for over 5 years. There are two main ride-hailing apps in Iran:

– Snapp

– Tap30


Ride-hailing apps in Iran: Snapp

Snapp is the first Iranian transportation network company, launched in 2014. In 2016, Snapp has received a $20 million investment by MTN Group, a South-African multinational corporation and it has expanded its services since then. Snapp employs more than 300,000 active drivers and more than 500 personnel. By this online taxi in Iran, you can hail for a taxi at any time. This online taxi in Iran can be used via the iOS, android and web application. So, just search Snapp at google play or app store.

If you have Apple Devices, you should consider that Iran apps are banned in iOS; so, you must use Snapp in web version on your iPhone.

How does Snapp application work?

After downloading and installing the app, you need to register. A phone number and email is required for registration. Then, turn on your location information and select your pickup location and destination. Choose the type of car you want and wait for the driver to come get you. The price of the trip is set beforehand, so you can’t bargain! And prices are in Toman (is equivalent to 10 Rials). Don’t freak out! You can see your driver’s car coming to you on the map. When your driver arrives, you will get a notification.

Tap30 app
Tap30 app

Ride-hailing apps in Iran: Tap30

Tap30 is another Iran taxi app. Actually, Snapp and Tap30 are the most popular online taxis in Iran. Like Snapp, you can download Tap30 at google play and app store. There is no big difference between Tap30 and Snapp. So, don’t bother yourself and choose one.
Like Snapp, if you have Apple Devices, you must use Tap30 in web version.

Are online taxi apps safe?

Since 2014, there were no record of any illegal action from online taxis in Iran. Drivers are being hired upon a completing background check and a valid driver’s license and insurance is required.

Which transportation is cheaper; Online taxi or regular ones?

Competitive advantage of ride-hailing apps in Iran are their cheapness and quickness. By using Online taxi in through your trip, you can spend less money and save more time. Cause if you take a regular taxi in the city, you should wait until the cab has at least three passengers. And if you want to hail a taxi without waiting it to be full, it’s a pretty penny. So, if you earn a living, no need to get Online taxi in Iran.

Otherwise, make sure you use online taxi. Money doesn’t grow on trees!

Are Iran taxi apps available in all cities?

Online transportation industry has been growing rapidly in recent years. Snapp and Tap30 currently operate in most of big cities of Iran, such as Tehran, Isfahan, Ahwaz, Babol, Rasht, Shiraz, Yazd, Qeshm, Karaj, Qom, etc. They are looking to expand to new cities very soon. During your trip, make sure whether online taxi is available or not.

Online taxi in Iran
Online taxi in Iran

Other features of Iran taxi apps

Ride-hailing apps in Iran, are not just for taking taxi. They have a lot more advantages, if you use them. For example, Snapp has other features like Snapp box, Snapp food, Snapp travel, etc. With Snapp food you can order anything from selected restaurants or fast foods. And I can tell you that Iran has the most delicious foods on the planet!

You will find out yourself when you buy a ticket and fly to Iran. So, Snapp food is definitely going to be useful.

Another feature is Snapp travel in which you can purchase domestic and international tickets. You can also visit to find out more information about Iran and its sightseeing.
As it was mentioned, you can use either online taxi apps. These are the best and safest ride-hailing apps which you can use during your travel in Iran. So, no worries about transportation costs during your trip. Just download one of them and explore the fascinating cities of Iran.

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