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Iran souvenirs – 15 Ideas of Souvenirs shopping in Iran
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Iran souvenirs – 15 Ideas of Souvenirs shopping in Iran 

Iran is one of the countries receiving many tourists, every year. In every part of Iran, there are unique edibles and handicrafts turned to attractive and unique souvenirs for tourists. Souvenirs shopping in Iran is one of the attractive entertainments for many tourists from foreign countries. Here, 15 unique ideas to buy Iran souvenirs will be introduced to tourists so that they can use as a guidance to souvenirs shopping in Iran.

Best Ideas for Souvenirs Shopping in Iran

Historical and cultural country of Iran has many souvenirs from among which, 15 of best of Ideas to souvenirs shopping in Iran would be stated as follows:

• Saffron

• Tea set

• Giveh

• Iranian Pastries

• Enamel-work

• Inlaid-work (Khatam Kari)

• Etching (Ghalam Zani)

• Turquise

• Ceramics and Pottery

• Knife

• Pistachio

• Hand woven fabrics

• Sohan and Gaz

• Golab

• Carpet and Kilim

1. Saffron

Pure and unrivaled saffron of Iran is also called red gold by people of the world. Saffron is one of the most expensive and famous Iran souvenirs. Khorasan Province in Iran is where the red gold is planted. The province has also some other souvenirs including barberry, confection, spices and dried fruits.

Saffron - Souvenirs shopping in Iran

2. Tea set

Iranian people have turned to one of the biggest tea consumers and advocates in the world. There are various beautiful and unique teapots and tea sets in Iran. Those with picture of Shah Abbas on them are used for decoration at homes and are considered as a good choice of Iran souvenirs. Of course, according to researches, tourists from other countries are more attracted to those teapots with red color.

Tea set
Tea set

3. Giveh

Giveh is one of the old and popular Iran souvenirs and handicrafts. Giveh is traditional Iranian shoe. This is mostly used in mountainous areas of Fars, Isfahan, Chahar Mahall va Bakhtiar, Kermanshah, and Zanjan. Giveh is made of two parts: sole and upper. The sole is usually made of leather and the upper is made of wool thread. The shoe for tourists has turned to a souvenir for decoration. Giveh is a light-weight and durable shoe used by male villagers for walking and hiking. Foreign tourists buy it for decoration and as a reminder of rich Iranian culture.

Giveh - Souvenirs shopping in Iran

4. Iranian Pastries

Variety of traditional pastries makes it hard to choose from among them. Cookies from Lahijan in north part of Iran are very delicious and famous. Kak is another pastry from Kermanshah which is also very famous. Tastes of Basloq from Tabriz and sweets from Orumiyeh are also well expressed by people from all around the world. Traditional Iranian pastries are one of the options for Iran souvenirs for tourists and considered as a unique option.

5. Enamel-work

Delicacy of designs in Iranian enamel-works is highly attractive for foreign tourists; and, Isfahan is the city in which best enamel-works are provided.

6. Inlaid-work (Khatam Kari)

Iranian artists making inlaid-works create such works as jewelry boxes, picture frames, backgammon board, and etc. from combination of wood, metal, and bone. These are from among popular souvenirs among tourists from outside the country. In Isfahan and also Bazaar Vakil in Shiraz, there are extraordinary inlaid-works available for purchase. These handicrafts are considered as good choices of Iran souvenirs.

Inlaid work or khatam kari
Inlaid work or khatam kari

7. Etching (Ghalam Zani)

Etching or Ghalam zani as a beautiful art is created in Isfahan City. It means engraving on various metals such as gold, silver, bronze and copper. The etching is performed with various designs on silver trays, plates, vases, and containers.

Etching or Ghalam zani
Etching or Ghalam zani

8. Turquoise

Nishaboor in Iran is famous as the city of turquoise in the world. There are turquoise mines around the city from which the stone is extracted. This beautiful and expensive stone is used in making jewelries. In Iranian culture and civilization, turquoise is known to have therapeutic features, as well as keeping out all bad things caused by evil eye. Nishaboor turquoise is one of the tourist options for Iran souvenirs selected for purchase by tourists in Iran.

Blue Turquoise - Souvenirs shopping in Iran
Blue Turquoise

9. Ceramics and Pottery

Ceramics and potteries are unique handicrafts made in different forms such as pomegranate, horse, and bird. Lalejin, Meybod, and Natanz are main cities in which these types of handicrafts are manufactured.

A batch of ceramic works
A batch of ceramic works

10. Knife

Zanjan City is famous for its knives. Knives made in Zanjan are one of attractive ideas for Souvenirs shopping in Iran. From among other souvenirs in Zanjan, reference could be made to Ardak Bread, Angosht Pitch, Saggez, filigree, Charoq doozi, and copper-works.

11. Pistachio

Iran is one of the big exporters of pistachio in the world. Iranian pistachio is of highest grade in the world; so, it would be a pity to come to Iran and not to buy pistachio here as a souvenir. Pistachio is a very good idea for Iran souvenirs.

12. Hand-woven fabrics

Hand-woven fabrics are considerably different in different cities of Iran. Printed calico is the one traditionally made in Isfahan and to produce them, wooden stamps are used to print geometrical, floral, and Arabic patterns on cotton fabrics. Yazd City is also very famous for its Termeh. Termeh is a fabric especially made in different forms such as bags, shoes, table clothes, and jewelry bags.

13. Sohan and Gaz

Sohan from Qom and Gaz from Isfahan are of global popularity. Qom Sohan is of unrivaled taste and enjoyed by tourists. Gaz made in Isfahan cannot be found in any other place in the world; so, it is an appropriate choice of Iran souvenirs.


14. Golab

Golab made in Kashan City is the best and unique Golab to be bought as souvenir and it has many therapeutic features. Every year in Ordibehesht, Golabgiri (rosewater extraction ceremony) will be held in Kashan and many tourists from inside and outside the country make a visit to the city to take part in that.

15. Carpet and Kilim

Iranian carpet is considered as one of the best Iran souvenirs to be bought by every tourist. Iranian carpet and kilim are unique and are very popular. Even instead of carpet and kilim, cushions with traditional designs can be purchased due to their low price and their size which makes them easily fit in the suitcase.

Carpet and Kilim - Souvenirs shopping in Iran
Carpet and Kilim

Last Words

Vast country of Iran provides foreign tourists with numerous especial souvenirs, some of them introduced in the text. Foreign tourists will not leave our country empty-handed, because of its popular and good souvenirs. Souvenirs shopping in Iran is one the tourist attractives of this country. Many tourists buying Iran souvenirs will take something valuable and memorable from this country with ancient culture and civilization.

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