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Autumn Destinations in Iran – Some of the Best Destinations
Autumn in Iran
Travel Tips

Autumn Destinations in Iran – Some of the Best Destinations 

There is an Iranian saying that “autumn is a spring being in love”. For tourism, autumn with its amazing beauty like spring which is the beautiful season of the nature and the time for sightseeing also encourages those tasteful people interested in travel to discover its beauties. There are many autumn destinations in Iran that foreign tourists are interested in.

• Maranjab Desert

• Alangdarreh Jungle

• Yazd

• Ashouradeh

• Mashhad

• Shiraz

Pleasant weather and cool breeze of autumn, colorful trees and many other attractions are the reason for autumn to be suggested for travel. Destinations introduced in continuation are from among the best autumn destinations in Iran. So, prepare yourself for travel at your earliest convenience and begin a memorable autumn travel.

Maranjab Desert

If interested in desert tourism and pure sunlight, surely you have to include travel to Maranjab desert in Isfahan in your program. Maranjab desert is considered as one of the autumn destinations in Iran and clear blue sky, as well as very beautiful dunes can host you all the day for a tranquilizing trip. If you enjoy lying on cool and soft sands under gentle light of the sun in autumn, or prefer silence of the day and the night sky filled with stars; we recommend this trip to you. Also, in traveling to Maranjab desert, you can also create yourself a memorable trip through making visit to Aran and Bidgol salt lake, Hoze Soltan Lake, and Maranjab and Sefidab Carvansaries in desert tours.

Maranjab desert
Maranjab desert

Alangdarreh Jungle

If willing to go to jungle full of trees and enjoy autumn nature, we recommend you visiting Alangdarreh jungle. From view points of some tourists, autumn is the best season to see jungle. Cool weather of autumn, trees with thousands of fall leaf colors creating a dreamy spectrum of yellow to red and light rain if you would be lucky, all create you unique experience of going to jungle in autumn. Alangdarreh jungle also is eye-catching in spring and summer, in addition to its memorable autumn; and, it is one of autumn destinations in Iran. You are suggested to walk through this beautiful jungle and discover its beauties when residing in forest cottages surrounding it and by no means lose the opportunity.


Remember that Yazd has been the first adobe city in the world. Yazd in the world is known for its big and amazing aqueducts and correctly it has been called the names such as city of Badgirs (ventilation structures), and the bride of the desert. During summer, Yazd is not considered as an appropriate tourist destination due to very hot weather. However, visiting the city in autumn with wonderful and pleasant weather is suggested. Yazd is a dreamy city for those who love sweets and confectionaries; and, they can buy from best and most delicious pastries there either to eat or take it as souvenirs for their dear ones. From among tourist attractions in Yazd reference can be made to Grand Mosque, Vaght- olsaat Square, Amirchakhmaq Square, Dolatabad Garden, Lariha House, Shesh Badgir reservoir, Ziaiyeh School, Eskandar Prison, Varahram Fire-temple, Twelve Imam mausoleum, Boustan Naji Building and etc.


Maybe a few numbers of Iranian people have heard of Ashouradeh. Ashouradeh is an Iranian Island in Khazar Sea and as spectacular as the Khazar sea itself. Autumn is a very good season to visit the island. The island is full of wild pomegranates and raspberries and the weather is pleasant. On the other hand, birds of passage come to the island during autumn and create exceptional view for tourists and birdwatchers. To go to the island, you have to get on the boat. Ashouradeh is one of the most beautiful autumn destinations in Iran and north part of the country.

Mashhad City

Mashhad is a religious and tourist city, full of travelers all around the year. However, autumn in Mashhad is much more pleasant. Firstly, the city is less crowded during autumn and after the end of summer, numbers of people traveling to Mashhad would be lower. The city not being crowded would be resulted in less traffic which minimizes unpleasant experience of getting caught in traffic; and, you would be able to manage your travel with lower price.

Mashhad in autumn
Mashhad in autumn

Mashhad has extraordinary weather during autumn and there is cool breeze all the day. Except for Holy Shrine of Imam Reza that is very attractive for many of Iranian people, there are other tourist attractions in Mashhad including Torghabeh and Shandiz Jungles, reputable cultural and historical tombs such as that of Ferdowsi, and big parks such as Mellat Park, in addition to variable shopping centers and exciting water parks. These attractions are of that variety and appropriate for every taste that surely you will not regret traveling to Mashhad during autumn; and, it is one of the best autumn destinations in Iran.


Visiting Shiraz known as bride of cities in south part of Iran is one of the best things to do in autumn! Shiraz is one of the best autumn destinations in Iran. This dreamy and poetic city with many tourist attractions inspires every tourist to visit the city not once but several times. Imagine a very good weather and you walking in Bagh-e Eram in Shiraz. Citrus trees with ripe citrus from one hand and pomegranate trees with ripe fruits on the other hand will attract you. The perspective is continuously observable not only in Bagh-e Eram in Shiraz, but also in every street and alley.

Last Words

Here, an overview has been made on best autumn destinations in Iran; and, some of the best places to visit in autumn have been introduced. Remember that Iran is very spectacular to visit in all four seasons a year and has many tourist attractions. So, in autumn as well you can travel to this historical country, worth of seeing to enjoy its numerous tourist attractions.

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