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How to get an Iran visa for Chinese?
How to

How to get an Iran visa for Chinese? 

For some travelers, how to get an Iran visa is a big concern. While getting an Iran tourist visa might sound a bit complicated and overwhelming, it is good to know that there are many variables and a couple of exceptions to take into account. During the past few years, the Iranian government tries to make the Iran visa policy easier and facilitate the process for many nationalities including Chinese Citizens. As a result, as of 2 July 2019, an Iran visa for Chinese tourists visiting Iran has been waived. To know more about this recent regulation, our dedicate travel package for Chinese nationalities, and Iran visa process for other nationalities, we invite you to spend a few minutes reading this post.

In this post you will read about:

• Iran visa for Chinese Tourists is waived

• Ghoghnoos 8 Days Chinese Travel Package

• How to apply for an Iran Tourist Visa

• How to obtain the actual Iran Tourist Visa

• Important concerns about Iran Tourist Visa


Iran visa for Chinese Tourists is waived

According to the Tourism Chief of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, Vali Teymouri, as of 2 July 2019, the Chinese tourists visiting Iran will no longer need to obtain visas.

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The Chinese and Iranian have deep and historical relationships, and the decision is made due to this reason. Moreover, the Iranian government tries to attract more Chinese tourists to the country by providing some facilities. Tourism Board Chief, Ali Asghar Mounesan told IRNA that “we aim to host two million Chinese tourists per year using our country’s numerous attractions”. During the last year, approximately 52,000 Chinese tourists visited Iran. However, it is expected that by waiving Iran visa for Chinese tourists, more people start planning to travel to Iran.
In addition, to alleviate tourists’ concerns over US sanctions on individuals visiting Iran, passports of travelers entering Iran will not be stamped. The initiative is a direct countermeasure to a travel restriction put in place by the US after Trump issued an order on March 2017, restricting travel to the US for those who have visited Iran, in addition to Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

Iran Visa for Chinese
Iran Visa for Chinese

Ghoghnoos 8 Days Chinese Travel Package

Following the ease of Iran visa for Chinese, we believe that it is a great opportunity for both nationalities to be a great tourism destination for the other one. To provide a dedicated travel package to Chinese tourists, our experts at Ghoghnos Travel Agency, have done great market research to understand the expectations of Chinese visitors planning to travel to Iran. As a result, we planned a dedicated travel package of Iran for our Chinese clients.
The eight days classic tour covers all the essentials of Iran. By traveling with this tour, you will have the chance to visit the bests of Iran’s sightseeing in Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd.

To maximize your convenience, we have considered the best tour guides in Iran to show you around the country and tells you the stories behind every wall.
To book this tour, you can simply book it online through our website, or contact our experts. Please note that you can always customize the itinerary according to your own interests and desires.

Chinese New Year in Tehran
Chinese New Year in Tehran

How to apply for an Iran Tourist visa?

To get an Iran Tourist Visa for nationalities rather than Chinese, you need to fill a form and send it back to us with a copy of your passport and a file of your personal photo. We will apply for your visa on your behalf and send you the Authorization Code of your visa within 7 business days. Please note that this authorization code means that your visa has been authorized but it is not the visa itself, and you need to obtain the visa at the chosen Iranian Embassy/ Consulate in the country of your residence or at one of the International airports in Iran.

How to obtain the Iran Tourist Visa?

To obtain the actual visa in your passport, between 3 to 30 business days after receiving the authorization code, you need to approach in person to the Iranian Embassy/ Consulate you named in your visa application form along with your passport and the appropriate visa collection fee.
You can also collect your visa at one the International airports in Iran. Please note that you can only get your on arrival visa at one of these airports if you already named it one in your visa application form.
• Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran
• Shahid Hasheminejad International Airport in Mashhad
• Shahid Dastgheyb International Airport in Shiraz
• Tabriz International Airport
• Shahid Beheshti International Airport in Isfahan

Important concerns about Iran Tourist Visa:

1. Your passport must be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Iran and must have at least two blank pages.
2. Visas for US, UK, and Canadian passport holders are subject to particular regulations. At present the Iranian Foreign Ministry will only issue visas for US, UK and Canadian citizens to travel to Iran as part of a pre-booked tour or individual travel with an Iranian tourist guide for the whole duration of traveling to Iran. Due to these requirements, we recommend that you make your travel arrangements for at least 2 months in advance. For up to date information on visa, please send us an email through
3. Journalists, politicians, and reporters on a mission cannot get Iran visa on arrival. Iran visa on arrival is issued for tourism purposes only (ordinary passport). Diplomatic passport, official passports, etc. cannot apply for this type of Iran visa.
4. All nationalities are subject to obtain arrival visa except for USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India nationalities. For up to date information on visa please send us an email through

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