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The Best 10 Iranian Drinks and Beverages:
Iranian Drinks: Doogh

The Best 10 Iranian Drinks and Beverages: 

Iranian drinks are as varied as Persian foods. Using Persian herbs and fruits, Iranians can make excellent Persian drinks satisfying all kinds of tastes and palates. Rosewater, Saffron, and Nabaat (sugar candy) are the companions to Iranian drinks and will leave you with an authentic Persian gustatory memory. Being interested in Iran foods and drinks, you might have heard about some Iranian beverages such as Chaiee, Doogh, Persian wine, and Iranian Sharbat. Persian drinks are worth tasting, like Iranian breads, Iranian desserts, and Iranian sweets.


Can Foreigners Drink Alcohol in Iran?

Having an Iran travel plan in your mind, you might have asked yourself “Do they drink alcohol in Iran?” Iran is a Muslim country, and alcohol is strictly forbidden there; so, no shops and hotels are permitted to sell alcohol. The alcohol prohibition law is general, whether you are an Iranian, a tourist, or a non-Muslim. Therefore, in case you are a tourist, it does not make any changes. Although you cannot drink alcohol visiting Iran, you still have a wide range of options to pick from during your Iran journey. In the following, you will read more about Iranian non-alcoholic drinks.

Iranian Hot Drinks:

Persian tea and other brewed herbs are among the most popular Iranian hot drinks. People are mostly addicted to black tea in Iran! But they still drink other hot beverages as well.

Persian Tea, Chaiee, Iranian Chai, Nabaat, Iranian National Drinks
Persian Tea (Chaiee) with Candy Sugar (Nabaat)

1. Chaiee: An Iranian National Drink

Hot black tea (Chaiee) is the most common Iranian hot drink used by almost all Iranians. Iranians are used to start the day with a cup of bitter or sweetened Persian tea alongside their breakfast. Drinking Chaiee as an Iranian national drink is not limited to the mornings. Iranians literally drink Persian tea anywhere at any time of the day! So, you may find hot Persian tea even at the newsstands. This Iranian national drink is served in meetings, offices, gatherings, ceremonies, and anywhere you could think of. Having an afternoon Chaiee with a friend is a common pleasure in Iran. Chaiee, as one of the most popular Iranian drinks, is drunk with a variety of flavors, including cinnamon, ginger, saffron, rosebud, cardamom, mint, carnation, etc. It is often served with sugar cubes or sugar candy on a stick (Nabaat). The original Persian chai is mostly cultivated in Lahijan city, Gilan province; however, drinking Indian tea is very common among Iranians as well.

Gol Gavzabaan, Iranian Damnoosh, Persian Beverages, Iranian Hot Drinks
Gol Gavzaban (Borage)

Gol Gavzaban (Borage) which grows at the foothills of the Alborz Mountain is used to make an aromatic and tranquilizing herbal tea for reducing tension.

2. Persian Herbal Tea (Damnoosh):

Not only the leaves of tea tree but many other herbs are also brewed in Iranian tradition. Using herbs as a remedy has been an ancient custom in Persian traditional medicine. Therefore, brewed herbs are considered ancient Persian drinks. The basic way to make herbal tea is to pour boiled water into a pot containing a mixture of desired herbs and let them be brewed for about 10 minutes. Being truly aromatic and tranquilizing, Persian herbs will provide you with a cup of delicate traditional Iranian drink. Some popular Iranian drinks of this type are: Baabooneh (Chamomile), Chai Torsh (Hibiscus), Ustukhuddus (Lavender), Na’naa (Mint), Zanjabil tea (Ginger), Bahar Narenj (Orange Blossom), Gol Gavzabaan (Borage), etc.

Iranian Drinks, Sour Cherry Tea, Iranian Hot Drinks
Sour Cherry Tea (Chai Albaloo)

3. Fruit Tea:

Home to numerous tasty fruits, Iran offers you various fruit tea options, including Sour Cherry Tea (Chai Albaloo), Quince Tea (flavored by cinnamon), Citrus Tea, Pear Tea, Apple and Cinnamon Tea, Mulberry Tea, Raspberry Tea, Blackberry Tea, etc. The only thing you need to do is pouring some boiled water into your desired fruit and adding some Persian flavors such as saffron and rose water. You will wait a few minutes and then enjoy your drink. Iranians often dry various fruits to keep them for making a tasty Iranian drink off-season as well.

Persian Cold Drinks, Tokhm Sharbati Syrup, Persian Drinks, Chia Seed Sharbat
Tokhm Sharbati Syrup (Chia Seed)

Persian Cold Drinks:

Since there are no official Persian alcoholic drinks in the country, Iranian soft drinks are so popular among people. When they are busy on a hot summer day, nothing can quench their thirst other than a glass of Persian cold drink. Using traditional flavors in Persian beverages, Iranians enjoy drinking non-alcoholic Persian drinks to the fullest. In the following, you will read more about different types of Iranian non-alcoholic drinks and Persian cocktails.

Iranian Saffron Drink, Persian Drinks, Iranian Sharbat
Iranian Saffron Sharbat

4. Sharbat: A Traditional Iranian Drink

Iranian Sharbat (syrup) is basically made with dissolved and dense sugar in boiling water. When the syrup cools, you can add your favorite flavors to it and drink it with some ice cubes. Iranian Saffron drink and Persian rosewater drink (a remedy for agitation and depression) are among the popular Persian drinks favored by many people. Since The Sharbat drink recipe is very simple, you can make various types of this Persian drink at home. Rhubarb sharbat and sour cherry drink are two popular Iranian drinks made of sweetened rhubarb or berries syrup. A mixture of any Iranian sharbat and ice water will make a perfect Iranian summer drink tranquilizing your soul.

Khiar Sekanjabin Syrup, Cucumber Sharbat, Iranian Vinegar Drink, Iranian Drinks, Persian Cold Drinks
Sekanjabin Syrup with Grated Cucumber

5. Sekanjabin Syrup with Cucumber:

One of the most popular Persian drinks is called Sekanjabin Syrup. This tasteful Persian drink is basically an Iranian vinegar drink with mint flavor and grated cucumber. Sekanjabin can help a lot with heatstroke because of its cool temperature. Persian people mostly have lettuce served with this Sharbat. This syrup is a perfectly sweet Iranian summer drink refreshing you on the hot days of Iran. You can balance the sweetness of this Persian beverage with a few drops of fresh lime. This Popular Persian drink which is called Khiar-Sekanjabin (Cucumber Sharbat) is readily found on the summer menus of Iranian cafés and you can taste it on an Iran food tour.

Khakshir Syrup, Iranian Sharbat, Descurainia Syrup, Iranian Seed Drinks
Khakshir Syrup (Descurainia)

6. Iranian Seed Drinks:

Seed drinks (Syrups) are among the well-known Iranian non-alcoholic drinks that are also perfect for health. Khakshir Syrup (Descurainia) and Tokhm Sharbati Syrup (Chia Seeds) are two Iranian soft drinks you can find easily in the country. According to Iranian traditional medicine, Tokhm Sharbati Syrup is perfect for dryness and constipation. To make this Iranian seed drink, you need to add chia seeds to the water and put them aside for a short time, so that the seeds absorb water and become mucilage. Then you can add sugar syrup with a touch of rosewater or saffron to make it taste wonderful. Right before drinking, mix the drink for the seeds to suspend. Khakshir Syrup is prepared the same, and you can also mix the two seeds to make an extraordinary Iranian traditional drink.

Iranian Drinks, Distilled Herbs, Persian Beverages
Araghijat (Distilled Herbs)

The most popular Persian beverages made of distilled herbs can be found in Shiraz, where you will enjoy drinking a glass of Iranian summer drink with a bowl of Faloode after visiting astonishing Shiraz attractions.

7. Araghijat: Herbal Iranian Drinks

Distillation has been an ancient Iranian tradition for making rose water and the extracts of other herbs. There are numerous herbs cultivated in Iran or even they grow naturally. Iranians use various herbs for their therapeutic effects or simply as a refreshing drink. These distilled herbs (Aragh) are often mixed with sugar syrup and rose water to taste better. The most popular Persian beverages of this type can be found in Shiraz, where you will enjoy drinking a glass of Iranian summer drink with a bowl of Faloode after visiting astonishing Shiraz attractions. Aragh-e Bidmeshk (distilled Pussy Willow), Aragh-e Bahar Narenj (distilled Orange Blossom), Aragh-e Nastaran (distilled Eglantine), and Aragh-e Na’naa (distilled Mint) are among the most famous Iranian drinks, commonly used for relaxing, specifically if they are mixed with rosewater and a touch of saffron.

Doogh, Iranian Traditional Drinks, Iranian Drinks, Iran Foods and Drinks, Persian Yogurt Drink

8. Doogh:

Among all Iran foods and drinks, Doogh is so popular with the tourists! As a traditional Iranian drink, Doogh is perfect with a meal, specifically with Kebab and Abgoosht. The salty and sour taste of this Persian yogurt drink is a great complementary flavor for the whole meal. You may wonder how to make an Iranian yogurt drink! It is not really complicated. Just pour a little water into the sour yogurt, and add salt and aromatic herbs such as mint, peppermint, or rose powder. Your tasty Doogh is ready!

Pomegranate Juice, Iranian Cold Drinks, Iranian Drinks, Persian Beverages
Pomegranate Juice

9. Juices:

Juices are the most popular street drinks in Iran. These non-alcoholic Persian drinks are almost found on any street in the country. Carrot juice which is one of the most favorable Iranian soft drinks is often served with a chunk of traditional saffron ice-cream (Ab Havij Bastani). Ab Talebi (honeydew melon juice), Ab Shatoot (Blackberry juice), Ab Zereshk (Barberry juice), and Ab Anar (Pomegranate juice) are the most popular Persian cocktails. Persian lemonade and Iranian Rani Drink are also two popular Persian non-alcoholic drinks produced in juice factories.

Persian Non-Alcoholic Drinks, Delster, Iranian Drinks
Iranian Non-Alcoholic Malt Drinks (Delster)

10. Delster

Delster (an Iranian flavored non-alcoholic beer with lemon, apple, peach, and tropical flavors) is found in every restaurant and supermarket. It would be an amazing choice for tasting an Iranian non-alcoholic beer alongside a meal! There is also a classical non-alcoholic malt drink (without added flavor), which is called Delster-e Sadeh, or Talkh (means bitter).
Apart from the mentioned Iranian drinks, some international beverages are used in Iran as well. Iranians drink coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, macchiato, hot chocolate, Turkish coffee, etc., as to the global habits. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, 7Up, Sprite, and other brands are also very popular in Iran.

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