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Persian Caviar; The Best Caviar in the World
Persian Caviar

Persian Caviar; The Best Caviar in the World 

Caviar is the name of the fish eggs from a specific type of fish called “sturgeon”. Caviar is one of the most expensive foods on the planet, which is mostly consumed as a garnish besides the fish. There are different types of caviar around the globe. Although Persian caviar is the best caviar in the world.

Follow us to know more about:

• What is Caviar?

• Why Persian caviar is so expensive?

• What is the history of caviar?

• What are the different types of Persian caviar?

• What are the benefits of caviar?

What Is Caviar?

Sturgeon is a common name for the 27 species of fish which are belonging to the family of Acipenseridae. Sturgeon mainly live in large, freshwaters like lakes and rivers. However, there are some species who travel to the ocean as well and return back to rivers and lakes for breed. As we mentioned before, caviar is the salted roe of sturgeon fish. As a matter of fact, there are various types of caviar which can be categorized based upon the species of sturgeon fish. Sturgeon fish has different species including Osetra, kaluga, Beluga, Sterlet, Hackle back, Sevruga, Siberian sturgeon, green sturgeon and white sturgeon. Consequently, there are different types of caviar. But when it comes to the best caviar in the world, Persian caviar has no rival.
Notice that the roe of all sturgeon’s species are used for caviar, except for green sturgeon.

roe of sturgeon, species of sturgeon
sturgeon fish

Why Persian Caviar Is So Expensive?

You’re Probably asking yourself, “what makes Persian caviar so expensive?”
There are various reasons behind the preciousness of Persian caviar, which makes it the best caviar in the world. They are as follows:
1. Sturgeons are endangered fish and they are so rare.
2. You can only get caviar from mature sturgeon fish. So, it takes many years to develop one. Some species such as Beluga takes more than a decade to be mature before you can use their roes as caviar.
3. In order to get caviar, unique fishing methods should be used.
4. A lot of effort has to be put into developing caviar.
So, the price of Persian caviar or any other types of caviar is related to its rarity and the amount of effort put into producing it.

What Is The History of Caviar?

Persian caviar has an amazing reputation all around the world. It is believed that Persians were the first nation to take and use caviar. Persian caviar has had an important part in the Iranian cuisine since ancient times. They thought that caviar has many medicinal properties.
For many Persians, fishing for sturgeon has been a traditional activity. So, the superiority of Persian caviar makes sense now.
As we said earlier, there are different types of caviar. If you want to try one of the world’s most expensive food, you should know which types suits you best.

Beluga fish
Beluga fish

What Are the Different Types of Persian Caviar?

Approximately 90% of the world’s caviar production is done in the Caspian Sea and Iran is one of the main exporters of caviar in the world. Let me introduce you to the best types of Persian caviar.

• Iranian Beluga Caviar

The most expensive types of Persian caviar with large buttery gray pearls, is Beluga which is retrieved from Persian Beluga.

• Elephant Fish

Another great Persian caviar is from Beluga again. Belugas are the largest members of the sturgeon family. The eggs of this fish are big thus they called elephant fish.
The lightest color is the most desirable one. So, make sure you buy the bright ones. Elephant fish are also called as royal caviar.

• Iranian Ossetra Caviar

The world’s most tasteful caviar, which is mostly collected in Iran. This caviar is nutty and has a creamy taste. Ossetra has smaller eggs compared to Beluga and the taste of its eggs can differ based on what the fish has been eating.

• Iranian Servuga Caviar

This caviar has a more quickly reproduction cycle. So, more eggs can be produced from Servuga. It has a crunchy texture and has the most intense flavor. If you’re looking for the cheapest caviar, get Servuga.

• Iranian Karaburun Caviar

Most species of sturgeon have taken residence at the Caspian Sea due to the lack of pollution in the water. Karaburun is native to southern region of Caspian Sea as well. A good thing about this caviar is that this kind of sturgeon does not face the dangers of extinction. We should honor the tireless effort of Iranian Ministry of fisheries for saving this fish. The karaburun caviar tastes salty and buttery.

Beluga caviar
Beluga caviar

What are the benefits of caviar?

Caviar has many advantages for your health, such as:
1. It helps to improve immune system and decrease the risk of heart disease. It is a good food for preventing cancer as well.
2. Caviar is a great source of water, omega-3, fatty acids and highly saturated lipids.
3. The vitamin A that is stored in caviar can improve your eyesight.
4. Finally, if you ladies want to have a clean, soft skin and thick nails, put caviar in to your regular regimen.

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