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Top 10 Eco lodges in Iran
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Top 10 Eco lodges in Iran 

Iran is encountering a flux in the number of tourists visiting the country; so a need is felt to accommodate these travelers in the best way possible to make them content. Below, a number of the best eco lodges in Iran including hostels and traditional houses are introduced:

– Parhami Traditional House and Hotel in Shiraz

– Atashouni Traditional House in Garmeh

– Padiav Traditional Guest House and Hostel in Yazd

– Gilehboom Traditional House in Gilan

– Barandaz Lodge in the Isfahan

– Nartitee Traditional Eco Lodge in Yazd

– Noghli Traditional House in Kashan

– Noor Khooneh Traditional House in Semnan

– Matin Abad Eco Resort and Organic Farm in Isfahan

– Darb-e Shazdeh Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Parhami Traditional House and Hotel in Shiraz

Parhami is one of the most popular eco lodges in Iran. Traditional Parhami Boutique hotel has originally been the residential house of Parhami Family in Shiraz. Their son renovated and converted the house into a traditional guesthouse like those popular in the other cities of Iran such as Kashan and Yazd. Parhami guest house is located in the historical context of the city of Shiraz near Zandiyeh Complex and other famous attractions of the city. Thus it has easy access to almost all the popular monuments of the city. It took approximately five years for the house to be completely ready to welcome guests with its facilities and amenities. In fact, right after five years the guest house was prepared to accommodate guests from other cities and even other countries. This guesthouse has 6 rooms equipped with high-tech and modern facilities to provide you ease of travel and relaxation to soothe your trip fatigue. The guest house offers all organic foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner; so it is one of the healthiest places to stay and eat Persian local cuisine and enjoy your time traveling across Shiraz, Iran. This place is so tranquil that it is really worth spending a few nights during your trip around Iran and while discovering the marvelous attractions of Iran. The place is in fact, a lovely old house with refurbished facilities, new and modern bathrooms and super comfortable beds and most important of all, the staff is a team of caring individuals who pays attention to all your needs and requests. Enjoy your stay at this cozy guest house in Shiraz during your travel across Iran. In fact, it is one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Parhami traditional house Eco lodges in Iran
Parhami traditional house

Atashouni Traditional House in Garmeh (Mesr Desert)

Garmeh is a village in Isfahan Province. This unique desert gem with a soul has a perfect environment. Garmeh has got a nice spring full of black fish which gives the visitor foot therapy when you step into the spring. The fish bite your foot and you feel relaxed. Inside this wonderful village in the middle of desert land you can stop and spend a night at Atashouni Traditional House (one of the oldest eco lodges in Iran) which has about twenty rooms. It is a humble house which is renovated and has kept all its historical aspects. The owner of this place is a very kind, sociable and hospitable man who is expert in traditional Iranian music and you can befriend him and enjoy listening to an impromptu live music concert. The place provides its guests with local breakfast, lunch and dinner all taken from the animals in the yard outside the house. On its roof you can enjoy the nice view to the village. You can also enjoy having a tour to the perfect nature around this house and also stay or relax at night under the shining stars of the sky. Do not forget to watch the amazing sunset scenes atop the building or on the hills nearby. These are what make this eco lodge one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Padiav Traditional Guest House and Hostel in Yazd

Padiav means a deep garden in the yard or a double-leveled garden or yard. In French, it is also called a pension. In fact, a pension is a stream of water or pond. This deserted house was bought around 20 years ago, but it was not opened until 19th March 2018. The house dates back to Safavid era. It has been renovated several times. Padiav hostel is as a matter of fact, a hostel where you can some fashionable days. It is one of the eco lodges in Iran where you can sit and chat, play games or read books. It has a very spacious kitchen with the capacity to accept six people. In the yard it has a toilet. There is a Safavid, three-door room, there is also a double bed with private bathroom and a semi-level, low roofed room. One interesting point about this homestay is that all the parts of the basement were hand carved. In the basement, there is a twin and a single bedroom. There is an amazing cellar in the basement with the coolest place in the whole hotel. It receives water from a subterranean canal or qanat. About the facilities of this hostel one can mention its nice cinema, washing machine, library, Wi-Fi, nice home-made breakfast and special soup of Yazd. You will surely experience the best of your stays in this one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Gilehboom Traditional House in Gilan

This is one of the nicest eco lodges in Iran which has a very large hall on the second floor of the hostel with a nice view to the yard. The room is furnished with a traditional carpet called Namad and has traditional beds prepared from the wool of the sheep of the region. The curtains, closets and almost all other facilities are made of environment friendly materials. The guests of this hostel will enjoy free breakfast and daily tea. At Gilehboom, you will experience native life with the aboriginal people of Gilan province of Iran. The atmosphere of this eco lodge is a mixture of native and modern art and architecture. The most interesting part of your stay at Gilehboom traditional eco lodge will surely be its culinary part. You can have different kinds of traditional Persian foods along with the delicious desserts. Thus, this eco lodge is one of the most suitable and the best eco lodges in Iran.

Gilehboom Traditional House Eco lodges in Iran
Gilehboom Traditional House

Barandaz Lodge in the Isfahan

The last residential village before Kavir desert near Isfahan is Farahzad which was built in 1900s with only 12 houses as a symbol of the 12 innocent Imams. In the past, the place where the caravans unloaded their camels or stayed the night were called Barandaz. This place could be a room, a caravanserai, a water well or an unroofed shelter in the middle of the desert. Barandaz traditional hostel (number 1 and 2) are two eco-lodges belonging to Tabatabaie brothers. These old houses have been converted to hotels since 2006. Barandaz number 2 was restored and opened a few months after the first one. It is the largest local house of the village. The architecture style of these houses is derived from internal architecture of the rural houses of desert. The houses are normally made of mudbricks and straw. Barandaz 1 has five rooms and Barandaz 2 has eight rooms to accommodate travelers. Both have a main room, eivan, garden, Persian and European style water closets and a place at the entrance to sit together around the fire and to prepare a type of food under fire. You can experience one of the best moments of your life by staying at these hostels or one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Nartitee Traditional Eco Lodge in Yazd

Nartitee traditional eco lodge lies at the heart of the desert. In every corner of this house hides a secret that convenes your interest and curiosity. This house is several hundred years old. This traditional house not only tastes relaxation, but also it has the taste and smell of fire and bread. This eco lodge accommodation is located near Yazd in the city of Taft. A young couple have converted the old house of their grandparents into a hostel. This is one of the best eco lodges in Iran. In fact, it is at the center of a pomegranate tree garden. Passing a hall, you will arrive at a yard which is now roofed and it is now a place for gathering together. It is the same as the famous lobby of the hotels where different people with different cultures come together to get acquainted with each other. This simple and cozy hostel has a type of rooms which are called cleanliness rooms where a religious ceremony is held there. This room is the position of people from paradise; thus, it should be always kept clean. The basement room is especially designed for holding classes. Another room at this hostel is called Midiarim room and contrary to other rooms that are decorated with straw and mud, it has a white door and wall. The other room of this hostel which is called Ayasaram room means autumn in Zoroastrian religion. This room is the most colorful room of the hostel and it has two doors. One door opens to a hall and the other opens to the beautiful yard of Nartitee. The largest room of this eco lodge is Patehsham meaning the end of summer. Midiushahm room which means the middle of summer is also designed for religious ceremonies and has a window to the pomegranate garden. Midiuzarm room meaning middle of spring is the first room of the house and has a window facing the sky. Nartitee guesthouse has two yards. The first yard is placed after the corridor and it is smaller and ends in a larger yard and the door of the dining room. This yard has a small water pond, a hand football and several trees a 38-year old turtle. The second yard which is larger is a pomegranate garden which is endless; this garden has no hedges because the people of this region do not forget their boundaries and they do not erect a hedge around their gardens or farms. There are also some places on the trees for sleeping at Nartitee. The guests can also rest there in the afternoon. Sometimes the tables for eating breakfast are set in the garden so that the guests start their days with their beauty. Nartitee guesthouse has also a nice roof on its top people can spend their nights under the shining skies full of stars. It has also a top view of the alleys of Taft city. So enjoy your stay at one of the most fabulous eco lodges in Iran.

Nartitee Traditional Eco Lodge
Nartitee Traditional Eco Lodge

Noghli Traditional House in Kashan

Noghli historical and traditional house can be one of the best choices for your accommodation when visiting the ancient city of Kashan. This eco lodge residence offers you a charming atmosphere with many helpful services and amenities to make your stay one of the most comfortable in the city of rosewater and traditional houses. This traditional guest house has a private parking for the guests and if you would like to have a decent lunch or dinner, you can go traditional houses and attractions of Kashan city which are all within the walking distance. Moreover, the most popular landmarks of the city of Kashan such as Tajaddin Shrine, Tepe Sialk and Sultan Ahmed Bathhouse. The house has also air conditioning for your comfortable stay and free Wi-Fi so that you can communicate with your family and friends from long distance. You may also enjoy drinking coffee at the roof top of this traditional house and hostel. All in all, this eco lodge can become the highlight of your travel as it is one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Noor Khooneh Traditional House in Semnan

This house is owned by Miss Monir. It is located in Semnan Province and it is the largest protected area in Iran and even in the Middle East. It is the best place for eco tourists. The travelers can experience the way nomads and shepherds live in this eco lodge. Noor khuneh means house of light and was originally a school. This house has three rooms and a common bathroom in the yard. Although the hostel is located in a village far from modern life, it has almost all technologies needed for tourists to bring them comfort and composure. All in all, this eco lodge is ranked one of the best eco lodges in Iran in terms of simplicity and naturalness.

Matin Abad Eco Resort and Organic Farm in Isfahan

Situated at the heart of true desert, Matin Abad eco resort and environment-friendly eco lodge provides you with the best local types of materials and services. For instance, rooms of the complex are all decorated using the handicrafts here are all aboriginal and local. Even the restaurant of the eco lodge enjoys native and at the same time organic delicious specialties. The fresh products grown on this farm are various such as pomegranate, tomato, saffron, eggplant, pepper, pistachio an, watermelon and pumpkin. The travelers and visitors can even enjoy taking camel rides, sightseeing around the area. This eco camp has won many awards from the UN and the ecotourism industry for its ecological observances and for the support it has given the local community of the region. As a matter of fact, this resort lies 60 kilometers from Kashan. After visiting the ancient and interesting city of Kashan with its traditional houses you can spend your time at this nice place. So make sure to stay at least a few nights in this one of the best eco lodges in Iran.

Matin Abad Eco Resort
Matin Abad Eco Resort

Darb-e Shazdeh Traditional Hostel in Shiraz

Located at the heart of the historic texture of the city of Shiraz, Darb-e Shazdeh is a fabulous boutique hotel and eco lodge that has attracted many tourists over the years to stay there. Honestly speaking, it is one of the best eco lodges in Iran regarding the services provided, the staff and its location in the historical texture of the city. So close to Vakil complex of Shiraz, this hostel is your best choice for travelers to experience Persian hospitality. The café of the hostel offers hot and cold beverages, home cooked style meals for lunch and dinner as well as local specialties of the city of poetry and Persian civilization. The architectural style of this hostel is Qajarid and it has 9 different rooms with a central courtyard. Each room has its private bathroom and shower. Housekeeping, 24-hour reception service, concierge is provided by this hostel to meet your demands and needs. As a matter of fact, this one of the most fantastic eco lodges in Iran has what is called ambiance and makes you enjoy its fabulous atmosphere.

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