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Tehran Province: An Aperture to the Modern Iran
Tehran Province
City Guide

Tehran Province: An Aperture to the Modern Iran 

Tehran province, the modern capital of Iran, is hugging over 13,000,000 inhabitants. As the country’s richest, most significant, industrialized, and mobilized province, Tehran is the first city hosting almost all foreigners and tourists. Tehran province has a cold semi-arid, steppe climate in the south and a mountainous sky in the north, appropriate for experiencing all four seasons. Being known as the city of chaotic jumble and crazy traffic, modern Tehran is so much more than a pell-mell capital. Tehran city is the country’s beating heart and a place to get familiar with modern Iran and its future.
Offering excellent museums, exquisite palaces, and serene gardens, Tehran city is a perfect destination for all Tehran tours. Besides a Tehran travel guide, you may like to know all about Tehran province as your first destination on an Iran travel. In the following, you will read all about Tehran province Iran, including the Tehran area, Tehran weather, Tehran population density, etc.

Tehran Nights, Tehran Nightlife, Milad Tower, Tehran Province
Tehran at Night
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Tehran Province Quick Facts:

Tehran Area: 18,814 km2 (7,264 sq mi)
Tehran Population 2020: 9,033,003
Greater Tehran Population: 13,973,000
Tehran Population Density: 710/km2 (1800/sq mi)
Tehran Language: Persian, Tehrani Accent
Tehran Time Zone: UTC + 03:30 (IRST)

Old Tehran, Laleh Zar Street
Laleh Zar Street, Tehran, Early 20th Century

Tehran City History:

Tehran province has several archaeological sites indicating settlements dating back to thousand years ago. Until 300 years ago, Rey was the most prominent city of the province, as many historical sites are located in this Tehran province area. Tehran rose to become the larger city and capital of Iran by 1778 (the Qajar dynasty), and since then, it has been the political, cultural, economic, and commercial hubs of Iran. This fascinating metropolis will take you on a journey through more than 250 years of Iranian history. Tehran city offers over 1,500 historical sites registered by the Cultural Heritage Organization of Iran. The remains of Firuzhuk county’s historical sites, dating back to the 4th millennium BCE, are the best samples of these archaeologically significant sites.

Tehran Province Area:

Being one of the 31 provinces of the country, Tehran covers an area of 18,814 square kilometers (7,264 square miles), and it is located in the north of the central plateau of Iran. Tehran province borders Mazandaran in the north, Qom in the south, Semnan in the east, and Alborz in the west. Tehran province includes 13 townships, 43 municipalities, and 1358 villages. It is subdivided into 16 counties, including Tehran city, Damavand, Firuzkuh, Shemiranat, Varamin, Shahriar, Rey, Pishva, etc. In the following, you may download the Tehran province map to know all about the Tehran area.

Navvab Bridge
Traffic in Tehran

Being known as the city of chaotic jumble and crazy traffic, modern Tehran is so much more than a pell-mell capital. Tehran city is the country’s beating heart and a place to get familiar with modern Iran and its future.

Tehran Province Population 2020:

Tehran province is ranked amongst the 40 most populous metropolitan cities of the world. Tehran population 2020 has been estimated to 9,033,003, while greater Tehran population 2020 is 13,973,000. Tehran population density is 710/km2 (1,800/sq mi). 86.5% of Tehran province population resides in urban areas, and 13.5% of its population resides in rural regions.

Tehran Winters, Winter in Tehran
Winter in Tehran

Tehran Weather:

Is it pronounced Tehran or Teran?? Tehran pronunciation is /tɛəˈræn/, and it means the warm area in contrast to Shemiran, which means the cold foothills. Environmentally, the climate of Tehran province is stable, and it offers all four seasons fully. Tehran weather is cold and snowy in winter, mild and rainy in spring and autumn, and warm and dry in summer. In the mountainous areas, Tehran offers cold and semi-humid weather all year-round, and in the higher regions, the winters are quite long and cold. The hottest months of the year are from July to September, when Tehran temperature ranges from 28 C (82 F) to 30 C (86 F) and during the coldest months (January- February), Tehran temperature is normally 1 C (34 F). Tehran province has cold winters and warm to hot summers. The average annual rainfall in Tehran is approximately 20 millimeters (7.9 inches). Note that the alpine Tehran is a perfect destination for Iran ski tours.

Iranian Garden, Tehran Spring, Spring in Tehran
Iranian Garden in Spring, Tehran

Traveling to Tehran City:

Getting a private tour to Tehran city, you may like to know more about Tehran attractions, Tehran shopping malls and bazaars, entertainment in Tehran, Tehran foods, Tehran hotels, etc. There are numerous things to do in Tehran, including visiting Tehran palaces, Tehran museums, and traditional bazaars. Tehran bazaars and shopping malls are full of Iran’s souvenirs from every single corner of the country. Therefore, there are many things to buy in Tehran, including handicrafts, sweets, Persian carpets, etc. Tehran nightlife will give you an unforgettable memory due to being lively and vivacious, while Tehran restaurants and cafés serve mouthwatering Iranian and international cuisines and beverages. Honestly speaking, it is impossible to describe Tehran as a tourist destination in such a brief record; however, if you are planning your Tehran travel, you can refer to our comprehensive Tehran travel guide. You only need to apply for your Iran visa and enjoy discovering Tehran province.

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Tehran Province Map:

If you need a Tehran map, download the PDF version here.

Tehran Map, Tehran Province
Tehran Map

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