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Qeshm Island: The Largest Island of Persian Gulf
Qeshm Island
City Guide

Qeshm Island: The Largest Island of Persian Gulf 

Most of us think of Iran as a historical destination, full of ancient monuments with fantastic Iranian and Islamic architecture. But, have you ever heard that Iran has the one of the most amazing islands in the world? Read the text below to find out about the largest and most beautiful island of Iran, Qeshm, which deserves a place on your Iran bucket list.

In this article, we talked about following subjects:

• The Best Things to Do on Qeshm Island

• Qeshm Island Weather

• How can get to Qeshm Island by bus or Qeshm Island Airport

• Qeshm island hotels

What are the Best Things to Do on Qeshm Island?

Qeshm is an island of delightful contrasts. A cosmopolitan and multicultural island, yet has wonderful wildlife including birds, dolphins and turtles. But there’s most to this sun-kissed island than meets the eye. There is a wide choice of places to visit. So, pick one!

  Hormoz - The Rainbow Island of Iran

• Geopark of Qeshm

Geopark is a unified area where geological heritage is being protected in a sustainable way. Geopark of Qeshm is the only geopark in the middle east that was registered by the Global Network of Geoparks (GNN) in Paris. More than 220 birds, 20 quadrupeds and 30 reptile species live there. This place has four main sites that you must see:

1. Bam Qeshm

2. Chahkooh Canyon

Chahkooh canyon on Qeshm
Chahkooh canyon on Qeshm

3. Statues Valley

4. Star Valley

• Mangrove Forest of Qeshm (Hara)

Hara trees grow to height of 3 to 8 meters and have bright green leaves and twigs. These trees are salt-water plants that are often submerged at high tide. Then, reappear during low tide. They absorb the sweat part of
seawater and eliminate the salt from it. So, it can be said that they act like natural filtrations. You can get there by local boats and enjoy peaceful moments.

A view of Hara forests on Qeshm island
A view of Hara forests on Qeshm island

• Salt cave (Namakdan Salt Cave)

This cave would offer you an opportunity to visit the world’s longest salt cave with a length of 6.8 kilometers, located on Qeshm. This cave is also called the cave of three naked men, named after the three Czech students who discovered it. Breathing in this cave is useful for people with asthma or respiratory distress. Don’t forget to breathe while you’re visiting fragile salt sculptures.

• Habitat of Turtles

If you’re lucky enough to be in the right season (specially spring) head to the turtle beach where you can see a turtle laying its eggs.
Wait! It’s not over yet. Along with the Qeshm island, there are plenty of other islands that you can visit, like Naz, Hormuz and lark.

Qeshm Island Weather Conditions

Qeshm island is located a few kilometers off the southern coast of Iran, Hormuz. Due to its position, the Qeshm Island weather is mostly warm and humid. So, if you can’t handle hot, humid conditions make sure to plan your trip in the right season. The hottest days of Qeshm are from 1st July to 1st September. It can be a bit difficult to travel in that time but your expenses will be reduced by half. The high season of Qeshm island is in January and February. You can check Qeshm island weather before taking your trip.

How Can I Get to Qeshm Island?

As Qeshm island is a free-trade zone, foreign tourists require no visa for up to 14 days, by plane. So, if you are planning on visiting the rest of Iran, the visa regulations get a bit stricter.
There are different ways in order to get on Qeshm island, which depends on your budget. You can take a bus from any city of Iran to Bandar Abbas. From there, you can take local ferries which leaves Bandar Abbas to Qeshm.

As it was mentioned before, if you want to travel by plane, no visa is required. You will land at Qeshm Island airport (International Airport of Qeshm) which is located near the village of Dayrestan. Different airlines travel to Qeshm island airport and if you have a visa, you can travel to other cities of Iran easily. Qeshm island airport was built in 1956 and is served by commercial air services that link Qeshm to the United Arab Emirates and to Tehran.

You can see the exact location of Qeshm island on google map.

Qeshm island location
Qeshm island location

Qeshm Island Hotels

If you think about taking a trip to Qeshm island, picking a suitable hotel that fits your budget is quite important. Qeshm island hotels varies based on how much money you’re willing to spend.
If you’re on a budget the list below would work for you.

Qeshm Island Hotels: Cheap and Moderate Hotels

1. Qeshm International Eram Hotel

2. Sorinet Hotel

3. Fulton Boutique Hotel

4. Marina 2 Hotel

If you want to have an experience in luxury hotels, the list below would be a good one.

Qeshm Island Hotels: Expensive Hotels

1.Diana Hotel

2. Nakhl-e Zarin Hotel

3. Kimia 4 Hotel

4. Aram Hotel

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