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Entertainment in Tehran: 20 Top Things to Do in Tehran 2021
Entertainment in Tehran: Azadi Tower
City Guide

Entertainment in Tehran: 20 Top Things to Do in Tehran 2021 

Housing more than 15 million people, Tehran is like an attendant who needs to entertain its population. Moreover, Iranians are pleasure-seeking people who enjoy hanging out and having fun outside until late at night. Therefore, Tehran is known as a metropolitan capital that offers a pell-mell nightlife, besides numerous entertainments to give its residents joyful hours. Recording all the fun things to do in Tehran is not an easy task; however, we will introduce some examples to help you have entertainment in Tehran.
Among the top things to do in Tehran, visiting historical attractions and bazaars are listed as high priorities. But having leisure and entertainment in Tehran is not limited to this. There are lots of things to do in Tehran to experience the city like a local. If you have a comprehensive Tehran travel guide, you will benefit from the city to the fullest by visiting numerous places where you can have entertainment in Tehran. In the following, you will read about the best things to do in Tehran Iran, Tehran points of interest, public entertainment in Tehran, things to do in Tehran at night, Tehran attractions, and the free things to do in Tehran. So if you wonder what to do in Tehran, do not miss this record.

20 Best Things to Do in Tehran:

Visiting Tehran Attractions: Tehran attractions, including historical and modern monuments, are quite fascinating to visit. Here are two examples of these attractions you can visit on your Tehran travel:

1- Visiting Tehran Tabiat Bridge:

Being an iconic structure, Tehran Tabiat Bridge is a modern attraction hosting millions of visitors year-round with its brand new architecture style. This 270-meter structure, built on a height of 40 meters above ground level, is the largest pedestrian bridge in the Middle East. Visiting Tabiat Bridge is one of the top things to do in Tehran, where you can have a memorable walk while watching the beautiful Tehran sightseeing. Being located within the Aab-o Aatash Park, Tabiat Bridge offers Wooden Way food court and some other restaurants and cafés as well.

Tehran Tabiat Bridge, What to do in Tehran
Tehran Tabiat Bridge
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2- Visiting the City-Theatre

Being located within Daneshjoo Park, City Theatre (Theatre-e-Shahr) is the oldest theatrical center in Tehran. As one of Tehran’s points of interest, City Theatre is the artists’ resort, where you can enjoy watching street performances as well.

Tehran City Theatre, Best Things to Do in Tehran
Tehran City Theatre

Visiting Tehran Museums is among the best things to do in Tehran, since the museums are perfect places to know a new culture. There are more than 60 museums in Tehran exhibiting a wide range of subjects. Tehran Golestan Palace, the Museum of Contemporary Arts, the Museum of Anthropology, Saadabad Palace Complex, Abgineh Museum, Reza Abbasi Museum, and Niavaran Palace are just a few fabulous Tehran Museums you can visit during your stay in Tehran.

3- Visiting the National Museum of Iran:

Being known as the best among all Iran museums, the National Museum of Iran offers a diverse collection of artifacts that traces Iran’s history over seven thousand years. You can find thousands of well-presented items, including spectacular collections of sculptures, ceramics, pottery, stone figures, and carvings in the National Museum of Iran that date back to the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.

The National Museum of Iran, 30 Tir Street, Entertainment in Tehran, Tehran Museums
The National Museum of Iran

4- Visiting the Treasury of National Jewels:

Visiting the Tehran Jewelry Museum is among the top things to do in Tehran 2021. This Treasury has been collected since the Safavid era (16th century) by the Persian monarchs, and it includes the Iranian Crown Jewels of the Safavid, Afsharid, Qajar, and Pahlavi dynasties. The Kiani Crown, the Nadir Throne, the Globe of Jewels, and the Peacock Throne (or the Sun Throne) are just a few eye-catching treasures you may find in Tehran jewelry Museum.

The Treasury of National Jewels, The Jewelry Museum Tehran, Tehran Museums
The Treasury of National Jewels

Experiencing Tehran nightlife is among the fun things to do in Tehran since Tehran nights are always cool, feverish, and exuberant. Tehran nightlife will give you the chance to meet people from all walks of life, taking advantage of their time off from work. If you like to explore Tehran like a local, here you will find some Tehran points of interest, where you can enjoy the city’s nightlife.

5- Eating at Tehran Restaurants and Cafés:

Whereas there are no nightclubs and bars in the country, Tehran restaurants and cafés are the beating hearts of the city’s nightlife. A broad range of cuisines with a wide variety of tastes and palates, from local foods to international ones, are found in Tehran restaurants. Tehran cafes, the most popular centers for youngsters to hang out, serve mouthwatering snacks and delicious cold and hot beverages.

Tehran Restaurants and Cafés, Entertainment in Tehran, Fun Things to Do in Tehran
A Café in Tehran

People usually do not start their nightlife in Tehran before 22:00. Their nightlife will give you the chance of meeting people from all walks of society, enjoying their time off from work.

6- Strolling on 30 Tir Street:

As a popular night resort, walking on 30 Tir Street is among the cool things to do in Tehran. Being replete with Van Cafes, kiosks, and food stalls, 30 Tir Street is the popular center for Tehran street food, where people can have cheap and delicious meals, such as fast foods, Iranian snacks, and traditional foods. Visiting 30 Tir Street, you can see hundreds of people hanging out, eating, chatting, and laughing every night.

30 Tir Street Tehran, Street Food Tehran, Entertainment in Tehran, Tehran Nightlife
Street Food on 30 Tir Street

Shopping in Tehran is another entertainment you can experience in the city. Purchasing handicrafts and souvenirs is among the funniest things to do in Tehran, Iran. Thousands of people enjoy visiting Tehran shopping malls and bazaars every day, where they can have fun and eat delicious cousins as well.

7- Visiting Tehran Grand Bazaar:

If you want to explore Tehran bazaars, the Grand Bazaar will be a perfect choice offering architectural attractions as well as Iranian-style shopping traditions. Tehran Grand Bazaar hosts thousands of customers and visitors daily, who enjoy shopping, wandering the labyrinthine lanes, and watching the beautiful Persian carpets.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, Top Things to Do in Tehran
Tehran Grand Bazaar

8- Shopping at Tajrish Bazaar:

Being one of the most popular destinations for almost all Tehran tours, Tajrish Bazaar is a small sample of Tehran Grand Bazaar, where you can find everything but the chicken sink. Buying Persian spices, nuts, and dried fruits, visiting the traditional grocery stores parallel to the super modern shopping centers, and seeing tons of gold and jewelry are among the fun things to do in Tehran Tajrish Bazaar.

Shopping in Tehran, Tajrish Bazaar, Entertainment in Tehran, Top Things to Do in Tehran
Tajrish Bazaar

Going to various Tehran parks is another way to have entertainment in Tehran. Tehran parks offer old trees and fresh air, refreshing landscapes and water-fountains, mouthwatering foods and drinks, running and hiking paths, galleries and museums, live theatrical and musical performances, and fun games. For having fun things to do in Tehran, places like Mellat Park, Pardisan Park, and Eram Amusement Park will be the best options.

9- Hiking at Jamshidieh Stone Garden:

Located in northern Tehran, Jamshidieh is a stone park in the foothills of the Alborz Mountains. Having fresh air, you can also enjoy hiking the Kolakchal skirts and watching an outstanding view of Tehran. Jamshidieh is a perfect option to have free things to do in Tehran.

Jamshidieh Park Tehran, Free Things to Do in Tehran, Entertainment in Tehran
Jamshidieh Stone Park

10- Visiting Laleh Park:

If you want to have a refreshing walk in Tehran, besides visiting two famous Tehran museums, Laleh Park will be the best choice. The Museum of Contemporary Art and the Persian Carpet Museum are the places you can visit while watching the beautiful sightseeing and live musical performances at Laleh Park Tehran.

Tehran Laleh Park, Free Things to Do in Tehran
Tehran Laleh Park

Hanging out in Tehran popular resorts is among the top things to do in Tehran. Darband, Darakeh, and Farahzad are the places, where most people have entertainment in Tehran.

11- Eating at Darakeh:

Taking a traditional seat in Darakeh recreational center and having a traditional Iranian meal, along with tea, nuts, dried fruits, and hookahs, is a popular way of having entertainment in Tehran.

Darakeh Tehran, Things to Do in Tehran
Darake Recreational Center

12- Walking Up in Darband:

Very similar to Darakeh resort, Darband is also a recreational center in northern Tehran, where people have meals by the river, listen to live Persian music, and eat different Iranian snacks at the colorful stalls.

Tehran Darband, Things to Do in Tehran, Tehran Restaurants and Cafes

Visiting historical monuments is what most Tehran tours do to explore Tehran. Many historical palaces, gardens, and buildings dating back to the Qajar and the Pahlavi periods are open to visitors who want to have entertainment in Tehran.

13- Dressing Up in the Qajar-era Clothes at Golestan Palace:

Visiting the Golestan Palace and many other historical sites, you will have the opportunity to play dress up in the Qajar-era clothes and take a memorable picture in Nassir Al-Din Shah Qajar’s palace. The palace, visited by almost all Tehran tours, offers stunning architecture and design dating back to 200 years ago. Do not miss this opportunity if you want to have fun things to do in Tehran.

Golestan Palace, Entertainment in Tehran, Fun Things to Do in Tehran
Dressing Up at Golestan Palace

14- Visiting Masoudieh Palace:

Being located in central Tehran, Masoudieh Palace is an astonishing Qajar house, constructed under the influence of European architecture. Besides the main palace, you can also find a spring house, Seyed Javadi and Moshir al-Molk mansions, and a restaurant.

Masoudieh Palace, Entertainment in Tehran, Tehran Attractions
Masoudieh Palace

Skiing at Tehran ski resorts is among the top things to do in Tehran 2021. Being a mountainous city, Tehran offers perfect ski resorts appropriate for skiing and doing winter sports. Shemshak ski resort, Darbandsar ski resort, Tochal, and Dizin are the ski areas where you can have entertainment in Tehran.

15- Going to Bam-e Tehran and Tochal Ski Resort and Complex:

Having lots of breathtaking adventures to offer, Tochal Complex is an entertaining center near the Tochal Mount, where you can experience an adrenaline kick. Bam-e Tehran (Tehran’s roof) is a good place for hiking while watching the enchanting Tehran night views. A ski resort (on an altitude of 3850 meters above sea level), snowmobile club, cable cars, an archery club, a VR club, zipline, and bungee jumping are among the fun things to do in Tehran Tochal Complex.

Tehran Bungee Jumping, Tochal Complex, Fun Things to Do in Tehran
Bungee Jumping at Tochal Complex

Bag Jump, Free Fall, Bungee Jumping (40-meter jumping), Trampolining, Tochal Alpine Coaster (1400 meters), and Rock Climbing are some other breathtaking activities you can enjoy in the Tochal complex besides skiing.

16- Skiing at Dizin Ski Resort:

Being an international ski resort, Dizin ski resort in Tehran offers 23 slopes, including Snow Park Slope (suitable for snowboarding), blue runs, a U piste, a green run, a training site, etc. There are also side facilities, hotels, and restaurants giving services to those who want to have entertainment in Tehran ski resorts.

Dizin Ski Resort, Tehran Ski Resorts, Entertainment in Tehran, Best Things to Do in Tehran
Dizin Ski Resort

Ascending Tehran Towers will be a fun thing to do in Tehran. You can also enjoy the side entertainments while visiting Tehran Milad Tower and Azadi Tower.

17- Ascending Milad Tower:

As a super-tall structure, Milad multi-purpose tower is dominating the skyline of Tehran. Milad Tower is the fourth-tallest freestanding telecommunication tower in the world, which offers a five-star hotel, a world trade center, an IT park, a shopping center, food courts, a sky dome, a Dolphinarium, and Borj Milad Restaurants at the top with a panoramic view of Tehran, as well as some side facilities.

Milad Tower, Tehran Attractions, Top Things to Do in Tehran
Tehran Milad Tower

18- Visiting Azadi Tower:

Tehran Azadi Tower, the oldest symbol of the city, is a 45-meter high tower, designed by 46000 pieces of stones and 8000 pieces of white marble. There are passageways, halls, galleries, Azadi Museum, and a library at the base. The upper levels are open to the top, while the basement is 5 to 15 meters under the ground level.

Tehran Azadi Tower, Entertainment in Tehran, Things to Do in Tehran, Tehran Attractions
Azadi Tower

Visiting art galleries is among the top thing to do in Tehran 2021, specifically for art lovers. There are numerous art galleries where you can find old and new precious paintings, sculptures, and visual arts in Tehran.

19- Visiting the Artists’ House (Khane-ye-Honarmandan)

Being located within a beautiful park, the Artists’ House offers open art galleries to art lovers who want to have entertainment in Tehran. Not only art galleries but also several theatre halls are found in this complex.

Tehran Galleries, Tehran Artists’ House
The Artists’ House (Khane-ye-Honarmandan)

20- Visiting Seyhoun Art Gallery

Seyhoun Art Gallery was founded in 1966 by Massoumeh Noushin Seyhoun on Vozara Street. As the most long-lived art gallery in Tehran, Seyhoun Art Gallery presents the artworks by all the leading figures in contemporary Iranian art.

Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran Art Galleries
Seyhoun Art Gallery

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