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Abyaneh – A Village with Ancient History in the Center of Iran
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Abyaneh – A Village with Ancient History in the Center of Iran 

Abyaneh also known as red village is a one of the beautiful area with great history and rich culture in Iran. This village is considered to be one of the most fantastic places for a lot of valuable historical monuments. People have preserved their traditions and customs for thousands of years. For this reason, it has great potential for attracting foreign tourists, and those who are interested in history and nature can spend a wonderful time in the area.

• Acquaintance with the Red Village of Iran

• The Beauties of Abyaneh for Tourists

• Ancient and Historical Monuments

• Best Time to Visit Abyaneh

• Abyaneh Souvenirs for Tourists

Acquaintance with the Red Village of Iran

Abyaneh village is located in 40 kilometers northwest Natanz city at the foot of mount Karkas and it takes 5 – 6 hours to reach there from Tehran. The historical village is one of the national heritage sites of Iran with Reg No 1089 in 1354.
The antiquity of the village goes back to 4000 years ago and it was used as a summer residence for the Safavid kings during the kingdom of Safavid dynasty. During the time Abyaneh were called as Viona or Oyaneh.
Architecture style of Abyaneh houses is one of main features of the village. These houses are on the top of each other like a stairs and it gaves the village a picturesque view.

 The Beauties of Abyaneh for Tourists

Abyaneh is also known as popular Desert Harbor because this area is confluence of mountain and desert and has been influenced by both of these ecosystems.
The clothing of people in the village, especially old age people, has beautiful traditional form, and Abyaneh have a special bias on their traditional clothing. The men’s clothing consists of long black trousers, and women use a long shirt of flowery fabric and white or flowery scarf.

Abyaneh habitants
Abyaneh habitants

The village’s population is less than 200 families, and common professions are ranchering, farming, gardening, carpet weaving and shoe weaving (Giveh).
Many herbs with medicinal properties are grown around the village. The herbs are Sagebrush, Sisymbrium, gum tragacanth.
Varieties of citrus, barberry, wheat and barley are also grown by people on agricultural land. Sheep, ewes, foxes, jackals and boars are the animals see easily around the village but into the village only birds are coming and moving.

Ancient and Historical Monuments

The most important monuments of the village that create a high value for visitors are the historical monuments that include mosques, lavers and inns. Grand mosque is the most valuable historical monument of the village and its pulpit wooden inlay dates back to 466 AH.
Another mosque in Abyaneh that called as Hajatgah Mosque located in next to rocks and mountains is a one the popular monument that attract a lot of tourists. In addition, there are nine other mosques in Abyaneh.

Abyaneh village
Abyaneh village

Harpak Fire Temple is another attraction place in Abyaneh that back to the Sasanian Empire. It is used as Zoroastrian temple.
If you are go far from center of village and walk around you can surely see other old castles of the village. Haman Castle in southwest, Herdeh Castle in the northeast and Pale Castle in the northwest of the village are accessible for travelers and tourists.

Best Time to Visit Abyaneh

Abyaneh is a village of four seasons and tourists can go there every time they want. However, the best time to visit Abyaneh is spring and summer in due to temperature and greenery.
Some tourists prefer to use the special beauties of winter and autumn and travel to the region in the cold seasons of year.
In special time like Norouze, Tasua, Ashura and the other religious festivals, you can travel the village and visit traditional rituals. The traditional rituals attract a lot of tourists every year.
Hotel or ecotourism residence can be used for staying in Abyaneh. However, you may also be invited to stay in their private homes by warm-blooded and sympathetic people of the village.

visit abyaneh
visit abyaneh

Abyaneh Souvenirs for Tourists

If you are planning to buy souvenirs from Abyaneh village, you can bring home some good gifts. Handmade jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, or decorative wall hangings made of Syrian Rue seeds for the evil eye. You can buy these handicrafts from women in the village. Handmade carpets and Giveh shoes are also beautiful and valuable gifts, especially for tourists.
If you interested in local and natural food, you need to try one of the most popular Abyaneh food. This is fruit-roll. Dairy products, fruits and crops such as almonds and walnuts are also among the souvenirs of Abyaneh Village.
Most of tourists visit rural areas and buy some of the artifacts and crafts of the village for helping economic conditions of the peasants. This encourage people especially young men and women to learn more about old art and maintain them for future generations.

Last words

Undoubtedly, the beauties of the Abyaneh village are too much to say in this article and visiting there could be an unforgettable experience.
The warm-blooded people who have lived in this part of Iran for more than a thousand years and influenced by desert and mountain’s living styles, are a good host for travellers and domestic and foreign tourists. Its ancient and natural monument can also to drown you in beauty and grace for a long time. These attractions together have made Abyaneh a wonderful village for Iranian and foreign tourists.

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