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10 Best Restaurants in Yazd
Kebab and Ash
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10 Best Restaurants in Yazd 

Travelling to Yazd, the city of Wind Towers, brings along the necessity of being selective on the restaurants to go to, as there are many charming options.
A thorough knowledge of the best restaurants in Yazd and tourism attractions, marks the difference between a mediocre experience and a spectacular adventure.
One of the integral parts of traveling is trying the local cuisine. There are great restaurants with mesmerizing views and delicious food in the city.
Some of the local food include Ash -e- Shooli, Ash -e- Gandom, Qeimeh Nokhod Stew. So, asking for these foods in restaurants can be an exciting experience. So, it should go on the list of things to do in Yazd.

Emarat Vakil Restaurant Complex

Emarat Vakil is another collection of restaurants in Yazd. The building has a modern architecture and is designed for all tastes. There’s an open buffet restaurant at ground level, named Saam Restaurant. On the first floor, there is an Iranian restaurant, Saaz, which has a VIP space. Second floor, Sarir Restaurant, serves some of the best food in Yazd for Arabian and Mediterranean taste. The Italian restaurant, Cesar, the international and Italian restaurant is placed on the third floor.
The setting of each floor is in coordination with the food. The music and decoration help capture an authentic experience.
Emarat Vakil Restaurant
Emarat Vakil Restaurant

Termeh & Toranj Restaurant

Cozy and comfortable restaurants in Yazd are not to be underrated, because some people seek peace of mind and are not fans of large, luxurious restaurants while traveling. Termeh & Toranj offers customers a warm, friendly space, with numerous traditional dishes, with beautiful, colorful designs provoke feelings of nostalgia for those old Persian gatherings.



Termeh & Toranj Restaurant
Termeh & Toranj Restaurant


The Silk Road Restaurant

The oldest residential area of Yazd, which has been registered as a World Heritage Site is sure to be visited. Merely steps away from the Jameh Mosque, there is The Silky Road Restaurant. With beautiful trees in the yard and a pool in the middle which brings the whole place together. The rooftop unveils a typical, however, breathtaking view of Yazd with clay, mud-brick buildings and wind towers.


Mashir ol Mamaalek Restaurant Complex

Mashir ol Mamaalek is a collection of Restaurants. The vast, historical garden with tall trees and water work and great food on beds all make a pleasant combination for sitting outdoor. The walls and the ceiling of the restaurant are decorated with drawings. The colorful windows make up magical rays of sunlight inside. Different sections serve Iranian, Italian, and sea food. The chicken is one of the best foods there. The restaurant also has a rooftop café which has a fine view of the city.

Mashir ol Mamaalek restaurant
Mashir ol Mamaalek restaurant

Talar Yazd Restaurant

One of the oldest and most popular restaurants in Yazd is Talar Yazd. Formerly known as Haji Ashpaz, this restaurant has lustrous, high-ceiling dining halls. It serves Middle Eastern and Persian food. Baghali Polo and Mahicheh is the best food in Yazd, which Talar offers. It is considered fairly far from the city, so the historical texture of Yazd is not visible around. In addition, consideration to the busy hours makes it necessary to plan at least two hours for this exquisite meal.


Marco-Polo Restaurant

If the weather is pleasant, then trying rooftop restaurants in Yazd is always a splendid idea. Marco-Polo Restaurant is blessed with one of the best views of the city. The kebabs there are exceptionally delicious. On certain days of the week they also serve Yazdi Pea Soup which is the best food in Yazd.



Fooka Restaurant

Traveling in groups can cause arguments mostly due to difference of opinion in type of meals and places to choose to eat. Fooka is among those Restaurants in Yazd which takes orders from both a foreign/Italian and traditional, Iranian menu. The preparation of special tastes in food, drinks, cakes and dessert helps bring a special and unforgettable time for the customers.

Kornopich Restaurant

One of the fast food restaurants in Yazd, Kornopich Restaurant offers a wide menu of English and Persian. The Special Kornopich Pizza in this place is advised. It is one of the economic restaurants in Yazd. Fast food-wise, it has some of the best food in Yazd. The place is family friendly and the service is fast and smooth. It is situated away from downtown and consideration on time must be taken.

The Famous Pizza from Kornopich Restaurant -Restaurants in Yazd
The Famous Pizza from Kornopich Restaurant

Iranian Old Café Restaurant

Iranian Old Café Restaurant is another traditional place with a menu of local drinks, tea, sweets, and food as well as a number of Italian choices for all tastes. It has a friendly atmosphere and captures a view of Jameh Mosque, which is one of the most famous tourism spots in Yazd.

Khash Khoran Café-Restaurant

When looking through the best restaurants in Yazd, breakfast should not go unnoticed. Khash Khoran Café-Restaurant serves Persian breakfast and lunch and is open from sharp 6 am.

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