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Tehran Attractions: Things to See in Tehran
Tehran Milad Tower

Tehran Attractions: Things to See in Tehran 

Tehran is probably the first city you visit on your Iran travel, and it is considered the welcoming chant of the country sung for you. You are desirously inquisitive to see the current capital of the former Persian Empire. So you cannot wait to visit Tehran attractions! Obviously, it is not easy to describe all the attractions in Tehran, Iran; however, this record introduces some of the well-visited tourist places in Tehran. Therefore, if you want to have entertainment in Tehran, keep up with this record to know more about Tehran tourist attractions.

Tehran has been the capital city of Iran since the Qajar dynasty when Agha Mohammad Khan chose this fair and fresh city as the center of his kingdom. That is why tourist attractions in Tehran mostly belong to the Qajar period and afterward. The city is located in northern Iran on the Alborz Mountain’s skirts. Tehran pronunciation is /tɛəˈræn/, and it means the warm area in contrast to Shemiran, which means the cold foothills. There are many great things about Tehran tourist attractions, and it is almost impossible to appreciate its aesthetic values without seeing them in person. Tehran province is home to many modern and historical monuments, including the royal palaces, historic schools and libraries, Iranian gardens, and bazaars you may not want to miss visiting. In the following, you will read more about the top places to see in Tehran.

20 Tehran Top Attractions:

Saadabad Palace Complex, Tehran Palaces, Tehran Attractions
Saadabad Palace Complex
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1- Saadabad Palace Complex:

Offering a magnificent atmosphere as well as eye-catching architecture, the Saadabad complex is a must-see in Tehran you may not want to lose visiting. There are a large number of precious artworks exhibited in Saadabad Palace as well. Dating back to the Qajar and Pahlavi eras, Saadabad Palace consists of 17 palaces, museums, and halls, including the Green Palace, Mellat Palace, the Museum of Fine Arts, Master Behzad Museum, Abkar Museum, etc.

Tehran Churches, Saint Sarkis Cathedral, Tehran Attractions
Saint Sarkis Cathedral

2- Saint Sarkis Cathedral:

You may not want to lose visiting a church at the heart of an Islamic country while purchasing handicrafts on Villa Street. As one of the places to go in Tehran, the Saint Sarkis Cathedral of the Armenian Apostolic was constructed in 1970. It is a single-nave church built out of concrete whose exterior and interior walls and floors are covered with white marble. The walls above the altar and its two sides are covered with exquisite paintings showing Bible themes, such as Saint Mary with Jesus, the Ascension of Christ into heaven, and the crucifixion of Jesus.

Dar al-Funun, Tehran Attractions
Dar al-Funun

3- Dar al- Funun

Founded by Amir Kabir in 1851, Dar al-Funun is the first modern university and institution of higher learning in Iran. Being a top Tehran tourist attraction, this elite school was training a large number of educated students, including 16 European and 26 Iranian professors. The school courtyard houses a peaceful garden designed in the shape of the Union Jack flag, surrounded by walls decorated with inscribed tiles.

Tehran’s View, Bam-e Tehran, Tehran Tochal, Tehran Attractions
Tehran’s View from Bam-e Tehan

4- Bam-e Tehran & Tochal Ski Resort and Complex:

Having lots of breathtaking adventures to offer, Tochal Complex, an entertaining center near the Tochal Mount, is one of the best places to visit in Tehran Iran. Bam-e Tehran (Tehran’s roof) is a perfect place for hiking while watching the enchanting Tehran view. Tochal restaurants and cafés offer mouthwatering meals and snacks while you are enjoying an adrenaline kick at the archery club, VR club, zipline, and bungee jumping, etc. Being one of the most popular Tehran ski resorts, Tochal ski resort, on an altitude of 3850 meters above sea level, hosts many ski lovers year-round.

Tehran City Theatre, Tehran Attractions
Tehran City Theatre

5- Tehran City Theatre:

The City Theatre, which is a performing arts complex, is among Tehran attractions visited by many Tehran tours. This beautifully designed complex is considered the main outlet of Iran artistic theatre, constructed in the Pahlavi era by the architect Ali Sardar Afkhami. It contains several performance halls, including the Main Hall, Chaharsou, Qashqai, and Sayeh.

Azadi Tower, Tehran Attractions
Azadi Tower

6- Azadi Tower:

As one of the iconic Tehran attractions, Azadi Tower is the oldest symbol of Tehran, while Milad Tower is its modern icon. Tehran Azadi Tower is a 45-meter high tower, designed by 46000 pieces of stones and 8000 pieces of white marble. There are passageways, halls, galleries, Azadi Museum, and a library at the base. The upper levels are open to the top, while the basement is 5 to 15 meters under the ground level.

Golestan Palace, Tehran Attractions, Things to See in Tehran
Golestan Palace

7- Golestan Palace:

Tehran palaces are among the top attractions in Tehran, Iran. The Golestan Palace dating back to the Qajar period is one of the most popular Tehran places to visit. As one of the oldest historical places in Tehran, the Golestan Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. Offering several palaces, museums, and halls, the Golestan Palace was used for many occasions, such as coronations and other important celebrations. You will find the Marble Throne, Karim Khani Nook, the Pond House, the Brilliant Hall, the Edifice of the Sun (Shams al-Emareh), and the Abyaz Palace (the White Palace Tehran) in the Golestan Palace. The Museum of Anthropology Tehran is located in this palace as well.

Tehran Grand Bazaar, Shopping in Tehran, What to See in Tehran, Tehran Attractions
Tehran Grand Bazaar

8- Tehran Grand Bazaar:

Tehran bazaars are among the interesting places to visit in Tehran Iran. Tehran Grand Bazaar, dating back to the Safavid era, is among Tehran’s points of interest. As a labyrinth-style structure, Tehran Bazaar offers different interrelated sections. Several bazaars (with various entrances), are connected through corridors and conjunctions. They create a complicated architectural structure with a traditional generality and modern particularities. Being interested in traditional bazaars, you can also visit Tajrish Bazaar, which is a must-see in Tehran.

Masoudieh Palace, Tehran Attractions, Historical Places in Tehran
Masoudieh Palace

9- Masoudieh Palace:

Masoudieh Palace (Emarat-e Masoudieh) is among Tehran’s best places to visit. Being located in central Tehran, near Baharestan Square, Masoudieh Palace, which is among Tehran’s historical places, is an astonishing Qajar house, constructed under the influence of European architecture in 1879. The mansion is located in the middle of an exquisite garden in an area of five hectares, which is among the most beautiful things to see in Tehran itself. Besides the main palace, you can also find a spring house, Seyed Javadi and Moshir al-Molk mansions, and a restaurant in the site.

Ahmad Shahi pavilion, Niavaran Palace, Tehran Palaces, Tehran Attractions, Historical Places in Tehran
Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, Niavaran Palace

Ahmad Shahi Pavilion was reconstructed by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi for celebrating his wedding to Empress Farah Diba. The curtains, chinaware, chandeliers, and decorative items are all the best possible brands imported from France and Germany.

10- Ahmad Shahi Pavilion at the Niavaran Palace:

The Niavaran Palace, including several palaces, is one of the most popular Tehran tourist places. One of the Tehran sights located within this Tehran attraction is the Ahmad Shahi Pavilion. Ahmad Shahi Pavilion offers fine architecture dating back to the Qajar era. Ahmad Shahi Pavilion, which used to be the summer palace of Ahmad Shah Qajar, was reconstructed by Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi for celebrating his wedding to Empress Farah Diba.

Tehran Ski Resorts, Skiing in Tehran, Tehran Attractions, Shemshak Ski Resort
Shemshak Ski Resort

11- Shemshak Ski Resort:

Shemshak Ski Resort is one of the tourist places in Tehran, located northeast of the city on the slopes of the Alborz Mountains. This Tehran tourist attraction offers two main slopes and a training piste. Mahtab is the longest slope with a length of 1950 meters. The other piste that is 950 meters long is called Shab (means night in Persian) and is the first night piste in the country equipped with excellent lighting facilities. Being interested in skiing, you can also visit Dizin Ski Resort, and Tochal Ski Resort in Tehran.

Iran National Museum, Tehran Museums, Tehran Attractions, Top Places to Visit in Tehran
The National Museum of Iran

12- Tehran Museums:

Tehran museums are among the best places to see in Tehran. Tehran museums almost belong to the Qajar period up to the present time. There are more than 60 museums in Tehran, where you can find different subjects and themes. A comprehensive Tehran travel guide will help you visit these Tehran top attractions. Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Abgineh Museum of Tehran, the Treasury of National Jewels, The Carpet Museum Tehran, and Tehran Art Museum are just a few Tehran Iran tourist attractions.

30 Tir Street, Tehran Attractions, Entertainment in Tehran, Tehran Street Food
30 Tir Street

13- 30 Tir Street:

As a popular night resort, 30 Tir Street is among the best places to visit in Tehran. Being replete with Van Cafes, kiosks, and food stalls, 30 Tir Street is one of the tourist places in Tehran, where you can have street foods, cheap, and delicious meals, fast foods, Iranian snacks, and traditional foods. Visiting 30 Tir Street, you can see hundreds of people hanging out, eating, chatting, and laughing every night. The National Museum Tehran, the Archaeological Museum Tehran, and some Tehran historical places are also located on this street.

Tehran Tabiat Bridge, Tehran Attractions, Best Places to Visit in Tehran
Tabiat Bridge

14- Tabiat Bridge:

Being an iconic structure, Tabiat Bridge is one of the Tehran attractions hosting millions of visitors year-round with its brand new architecture style. This 270-meter structure, built on a height of 40 meters above ground level, is the largest pedestrian bridge in the Middle East. Having a memorable walk and a delicious meal on the bridge, you can also watch the beautiful Tehran sightseeing from this Tehran point of interest.

Negarestan Garden, Historical Attractions in Tehran, Tehran Attractions
Negarestan Garden

15- Negarestan Garden:

As one of the significant historical places in Tehran, Negarestan Garden and Museum is one of the well-visited Tehran attractions. Offering an exquisite Iranian garden, Negarestan is a perfect place for walking and getting familiar with the Iranian architecture of the 19th and 20th centuries. As one of Tehran’s best places to visit, Negarestan Garden also offers several restaurants and cafés, where you can have a mouthwatering meal during your visit.

Toghrol Tower, Tehran Attractions, What to see in Tehran
Toghrol Tower

16- Toghrol Tower:

Toghrol Tower, one of the oldest Tehran places to visit, is a 12th-century monument located in Shahr-e Rey, near Tehran. This 20-meter brick tower is the tomb of Seljuk ruler, Toghrol, who died in 1063. Like other monuments of the time, this tower was capped by a conical dome being collapsed during an earthquake. Being one of the historical places in Tehran, the Toghrol Tower attracts many tourists year-round.

Darband Sledge, Tehran Attractions, Tehran Tourist Attractions, Entertainment in Tehran
Darband Sledge

Darband is not a recreational center, where you can walk and have delicious meals only. Being interested in exciting games and amusements, you may want to visit Tehran Sledge as well, where you can have an amazing view of the mountains.

17- Darband Tehran:

Darband is one of the recreational places to go in Tehran. With the mountainous Tehran sightseeing, Darband Tehran is a popular resort and a must-see in Tehran. Having many traditional restaurants and teahouses, Darband hosts many locals and tourists every day. It is a perfect place for hiking, gathering, and watching beautiful Tehran sightseeing while eating delicious foods, Persian nuts and dried fruits, and mouthwatering snacks. Darband Sledge is also a perfect place for enjoying exciting experiences. If you are interested in visiting these types of tourist places in Tehran, do not miss Darakeh and Farahzad as well.

The Gate of National Garden, Tehran Attractions, Tehran Tourist Attractions
The Gate of National Garden

18- The Gate of National Garden:

The Gate of National Garden (or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is a historical-governmental monument constructed by Reza Shah Pahlavi early in the 19th century. This gate used to be the symbol of the city and it is now one of the attractions in Tehran, Iran. It was formerly the military shooting range (Mash Square) during the Qajar period and turned into a public park, and later on, some offices and museums were added to the complex. Malek Library and Museum is one of the museums that are considered the top tourist attractions in Tehran. Being interested in classical architecture, the Gate of National Garden will be one of the best Tehran tourist attractions for you.

Baharestan Square, Tehran Attractions, Best Places to Visit in Tehran
Baharestan Palace and Square

19- Baharestan Palace and Square:

Baharestan Palace and Square are among the oldest Tehran attractions. Baharestan Palace was founded by Mirza Hossein Khan Sepahsalar and then turned into the first Iranian parliament. The square used to be surrounded by three gardens, and it is now narrating the most important historical events that occurred at this square. Several top places to see in Tehran are located near Baharestan Square, including Negarestan Garden, Masoudieh Palace, and the National Museum of Arts.

Jamshidieh Stone Garden, Tehran Attractions, Things to See in Tehran, Entertainment in Tehran
Jamshidieh Stone Park

20- Jamshidieh Stone Park:

Located on the Alborz foothills, Jamshidieh Stone Park is one of the most beautiful Tehran sights. Inhaling fresh air, you can also enjoy the views while sipping a cup of tea. Jamshidieh Stone Garden includes stone statues, old tall trees, water features, ponds, and cobblestone pathways. There is also a hiking trail from the lower area of the park up to the top of the Kolakchal Mountain. If you are interested in nature, Jamshidieh Park will be one of the perfect places to see in Tehran.
If you are planning to visit any of these Tehran attractions, you may download the Tehran tourist map here.

Tehran Tourist Map, Tehran Attractions
Tehran Tourist Map

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