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Shemshak Ski Resort: The Frozen Land of Adventures
Shemshak Ski Resort, Tehran

Shemshak Ski Resort: The Frozen Land of Adventures 

If you are planning a ski tour in Tehran Province, you might have heard about Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex as well as Dizin Ski Resort and Tochal Ski Resort. Shemshak Ski Resort is a popular destination among the young local ski lovers, and skiing Tehran tours planned for overseas skiers. Therefore if you are interested in an adventurous Tehran travel, try not to lose Shemshak & Dizin ski resorts while visiting other Tehran attractions.

Shemshak Ski Resort, Iran Ski Tours
People Having Fun at Shemshak Ski Resort
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Taking a look at the Shemshak ski resort map, you will find Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex is located 57 kilometers northeast of Tehran on the southern slopes of the Alborz range in the proximity of Fasham and Meygoon. You can get to the resort from Tehran in 90 minutes by car through a mountainous route from Telo or Lashgarak roads. Shemshak Ski Resort is the third-largest ski resort in the country after Dizin and Darbandsar and the second international piste after the Dizin ski resort. Therefore, Shemshak & Dizin ski resorts are the best choices for spending a winter holiday in Iran. Stay tuned with this Shemshak ski resort guide to know more about the site.

Iran Ski Tours, Shemshak Ski Resort
A Chairlift in Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort History:

Northern Tehran has been always a favorite place for the locals due to its pleasant cold weather, specifically the refreshing Shemshak weather. People gradually started settling in the heights and mountains of Shemshak and turned it into a touristic city. Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex was constructed in 1948 by a group of German engineers to make the city even more touristic. The resort was officially started working in 1959 after the installation of its first chairlift. After some renovations in 1996, Shemshak Ski Resort was recognized as an international ski resort by the International Ski Federation. The site is hosting international winter sports every year as well.

Shemshak Ski Resort Guide:

Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex
The Slopes in Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort, with its quick steep and mogul runs, is more suitable for advanced skiers who want to experience an exciting winter sport. There is a night piste as well in the resort with lighting facilities.

The Structure and the Pistes:

Shemshak weather is normally wintry from early December to late March. The opening time of Shemshak Ski Resort slopes depends on the first snow in the area. You might have seen four pistes on some Shemshak ski resort maps. One of the slopes is designed for preliminary training, while the chief two pistes, Aftab and Mahtab, are hosting more professional kiers. Mahtab is the longest slope with 1950 meters long. The last one that is 950 meters long is called Shab (means night in Persian) and is the first night piste in the country equipped with excellent lighting facilities.

Night Skiing in Shemshak
The Night Piste (Shab)

Both Shemshak & Dizin ski resorts are hosting professional and non-professional skiers alike. But please note that comparing to the Dizin ski resort, which is originally designed for amateur, intermediate and advanced skiers, Shemshak Ski resort is for more professionals due to the slopes that are quick steep and the runs, which are mostly mogul runs. The slopes lie at an altitude of 2,550 meters to 3050 meters above sea level. There are also two chairlifts, three surface lifts, and two hammer tele-skis that start from Shemshak ski resort hotel and stops at the mountaintop.

Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex
Mahtab Piste

Shemshak Ski Resort Guide:

The Side facilities:

Of course you may wish to overnight at Shemshak Ski Resort while enjoying your winter holiday in various Iran ski resorts. There are two hotels near the resort, where you can spend an enjoyable night after skiing. Shemshak Tourist Hotel, Meygoon Jahangardi Hotel, and Shemshak Boutique hotel are three popular Shemshak Ski Resort hotels that offer the guests very acceptable facilities. Shemshak Hotel was constructed before the revolution of 1979, specifically for the Pahlavi royal family. The architecture is very unique, while it is modern and well-appointed. Shemshak Boutique Hotel, which is a very cozy and pleasant hotel with a unique interior design, will make an atmospheric night-staying for you as well.

Shemshak Tourist Hotel
Shemshak Tourist Hotel

If you are looking for highly luxurious accommodation, then you can think of Barin Hotel in Shemshak Ski Resort Iran. Barin (also known as Gol-e Yakh Hotel) is a newly constructed hotel with a post-modern design. Barin ski resort Shemshak Iran is inspired by an igloo, giving the true feel of a snowy experience you will never forget.

Shemshak Barin Hotel
Barin Hotel

Apart from the mentioned Shemshak Ski Resort hotels, there are four restaurants and a few cafés, where you can have a delicious meal or an enjoyable hot drink. You can also find tasty snacks and mouthwatering goodies in the well-equipped supermarkets near the slopes. Dejavu Café, Lamiz Café, and Koohestan Restaurant are some Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex foodie destinations.
Since Shemshak weather is so pleasant in the summer, many locals and tourists travel to the city only to enjoy the side facilities of the ski resort as well. So if you are not a ski fan, you can just have fun in this beautiful touristic city as well as Lavasan, Fasham, and Meygoon.
Note that Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex is open to visitors every winter after the first snow. The slopes are open from 8:00 to 15:30, and the night slope is open from 18:00 to 22:00.
Location: Shemshak Ski Resort & Complex, Shemshak, Tehran Province, Iran

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