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Tehran Dizin Ski Resort:  The Largest Ski Area in the Country
Dizin ski resort

Tehran Dizin Ski Resort: The Largest Ski Area in the Country 

Skiing is the most common winter activity for the whole family all around the world; therefore, finding a suitable winter location is crucial for having memorable winter fun. Although the world’s best-known ski resorts are found in Europe and North America, Iran hosts fantastic ski resorts as well, among which Dizin ski resort is regarded the largest and the most popular one for having entertainment in Tehran.
As a four-season country, Iran offers perfect destinations for summer and winter activities both. Being interested in taking part in Iran ski tours, you had better go on a Tehran travel for its breathtaking ski destinations, such as Shemshak ski resort, Tochal ski resort, and the wonderful Dizin ski resort. You will kill two birds with one stone then, visiting splendid Tehran attractions as well as going to the Tehran ski resorts for having pleasure. Keep up with the following Dizin ski resort review to know more about the Iran Dizin ski resort.

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Where is the Dizin ski resort?

Being located north of Tehran in the Gajereh region, in the Alborz Mountains, the Dizin ski resort is on a 70-kilometer Tehran to Dizin route. There are two ways to get to the Tehran Dizin ski resort: It is easier to take Chalus Road for getting into Dizin ski resort Alborz Province. However, you need to check Dizin weather first due to the possible winter traffic restrictions from Tehran to Dizin. In case you could not use the Chalus Road, you may take Tehran to Dizin road from Lashgarak and Fasham districts on the northeast of Tehran. You can easily access the Iran Dizin ski resort, taking our Tehran tours as well.

Dizin Ski Resort Review:

Dizin ski resort weather causes six-month snow-covered slopes, very suitable for skiing and snowboarding. Dizin ski season starts in early December and lasts up to early May.
Taking a look at the Dizin ski resort map, you will find several slopes suitable for amateur and professional skiers.
Being located within the Alborz ranges, Tehran Dizin ski resort altitude reaches 3600 meters (11800 ft.) above sea level. That is the reason Iran Dizin ski resort is among the world’s 40 highest ski resorts.
Because of the perfect Dizin ski resort weather, you can experience lots of sunny days, wonderful for skiing.
Dizin ski resort in Tehran is equipped with many side facilities, including two hotels, nineteen cottages, and six restaurants.
Dizin ski season is not limited to snowy months. Grass skiing is also possible in summer at the Tehran Dizin ski resort.

Grass Skiing
Dizin Green Run in summer

Not only winter blue runs, but the 650-meter Dizin ski resort green run is also attracting many fans of grass skiing every summer to the area, where you can enjoy watching the official competitions as well.

Dizin Ski Resort Slopes:

The perfect Dizin ski resort altitude has made it one of the world’s highest ski resorts, which is an international ski resort as well. Dizin ski resort in Tehran is hosting international and official competitions year-round. If you take a look at the Dizin ski resort map, you may find twenty-three different slopes, including Snow Park slope (suitable for snowboarding), blue runs, a U piste, a green run, and a training site, etc. Note that the slopes are designed for both professional and amateur skiers.
Since Dizin ski resort altitude is about 3600 meters above sea level, you can find very long slopes adding up to your enjoyment. The winding green run with a length of 650 meters is hosting international grass skiing competitions every summer. The visitors can enjoy mountain biking, archery, kite riding, and high jumping as well. Dizin ski resort Alborz province Iran is equipped with four gondolas, three chairlifts, and nine surface lifts transferring the skiers to the top of the slopes. Like all other Iran ski resorts the slopes here are covered by fantastic powder snow, which is favored by most of the skiers.

Dizin Ski Resort, Dizin Blue Runs, Iran Ski Tours
Dizin Slopes

Dizin Ski Resort Accommodation and Facilities:

There are many side facilities in Dizin ski resort, making your visit a comfortable and memorable stay, including lodgings, a Ski school, restaurant and cafés, two parking lots, a child care center, equipment rentals, etc. Here are a few facilities you can benefit from at the Dizin ski resort Alborz province:
Dizin Ski Resort Accommodation: Dizin hotel and nineteen hostels are situated for accommodating the visitors who prefer to stay overnight at the ski area.
Restaurants and Cafés: There are six high-quality restaurants and cafés, where you can have a mouthwatering meal, snacks, and hot drinks while enjoying the picturesque white landscape in front of you.
Ski School: Enjoying Dizin ski resort, you do not need knowing how to ski! There are lots of patient trainers who help you ski on the specific slopes designed for beginners.
Child Care: You do not need to worry about your children. Skiing will be your memorable winter fun here, while there is a child care center taking care of your children, who can enjoy playing with toys.
Equipment Rental: There are a few skiing and snowboarding equipment rental shops in both upper and lower parking lots. Dizin ski resort prices for renting skies and clothing vary depending on the type of equipment you are renting, how long you are renting them for, etc. So, you get almost everything you need here at the Dizin ski resort.

Dizin Ski Resort Hotel and Hostels:

There are various options for your accommodation while you are at the Dizin ski resort in Tehran. Based on your budget, you can choose one. Dizin ski resort hotels are usually a bit expensive. But they have more advantages. If you are on a budget, you can choose Dizin hostels at more acceptable prices and a warm and friendly environment.

Dizin Hotel, Dizin Accommodation
Dizin Hotel

• Dizin Hotel:

Also called Hotel Dizin, this Dizin ski resort hotel is the most desirable option among visitors. It has high-quality restaurants, cafés, and Wi-Fi services. The hotel gets your money’s worth due to its location. It is located in the heart of the Alborz Mountains, next to the Dizin slopes, where you can enjoy the breathtaking picture of snowy mountains as you get up.

• Gajereh Hotel:

Another excellent Dizin ski resort hotel is Gajereh Hotel. This hotel is located at a distance of three kilometers from the ski area. Gajereh hotel offers a free shuttle service for transportation as well.

Dizin Ski Resort Hotels, Dizin Cottages, Dizin Hostels
Nineteen Friendly Cottages at Dizin

• Hostels and Cottages:

Dizin ski resort accommodation is not limited to the hotels. If you are looking for a warm and friendly environment, then think about staying at the Dizin hostels. Among all Dizin Hostels, Seven Hostel is a budget accommodation located at a distance of four kilometers from the Dizin slopes.

Dizin Ski Resort Prices:
Entry: 100.000 to 150.000 IRR
(Dizin ski resort prices are lower from Saturday to Tuesday)
Dizin Ski Resort, Alborz Province, Iran

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