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Dizin Ski Resort; The Largest Iranian Ski Resort
Dizin ski resort

Dizin Ski Resort; The Largest Iranian Ski Resort 

Skiing is a mainstream winter activity for the whole family all around the world. Finding a good winter location also plays an important role in your enjoyment. Although the world’s best-known ski resorts are in Europe and North America, Iran also has the best ski resorts in the world. You heard me right, Iran!

Iran is a country with four seasons that not only is a perfect destination for spring and summer, but also for winter. So now Iran is going to be your next winter destination due to the presence of various ski resorts. The top three best ski resorts of Iran are Dizin ski resort, Darbandsar ski resort and Shemshak ski resort. Dizin ski resort is the largest ski resort of Iran in which we are going to tell you about.

Follow us to know more about:

• Where is Dizin ski resort?

• What’s so interesting about Dizin ski resort?

• What are the Dizin ski resort’s facilities?

• Dizin hotels and Dizin hostels

Where is Dizin ski resort?

Dizin is a ski resort situated to the north of Tehran at Gajereh region, in Albourz mountain range. In order to get there, you should head out Tehran from northeast and take Chalus road. Dizin ski resort is just 71 km north of Tehran.

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There has been an ever-growing interest in Dzin ski resort among European ski lovers. Also it’s rumored that skiing in Dizin is even better than that in the Alps! So, if you want to know if it’s true or not, go check it out yourself.


What’s so interesting about Dizin ski resort?

Year-round snow has brought Dizin ski resort a lot of attention due to:

– The highest ski lift reaches 3600 m (11800 ft), making it one of the 40th highest ski resort in the world

– The ski season in Dizin lasts longer than European ski resorts (from December to may) due to its high altitude

Dizin ski resort has more sunny days making it an excellent place for ski holidays

– Last but not the least, there are so many facilities in this resort which will make your trip comfy and memorable

What are the Dizin ski resort’s facilities?

When it comes to hospitality, Iran has definitely no rival. People in Dizin ski resort have done everything for their guest to feel comfortable. They are also trying their best to make your trip memorable.

There are so many facilities in Dizin, including:

– Parking lot

There are two parking lot in this area. One is upper and the other is lower.

– Lodging

If you’re into that kind of stuff, there are many options for you.

– Restaurants and coffee-shops

Skiing without a hot cup of tea or coffee is no use. There are various restaurants and coffee-shops located in Dizin with perfects views. You can have fun talking to your friends, drinking a cup of tea while enjoying an amazing view of Dizin.

– Ski school

Know nothing about skiing? Don’t worry. There are kind people there willing to teach you. The first experience is going to be the one stick to your mind forever!

– Child care

No worries either for families with children. This spot is for your kids. You can enjoy your skiing while your children play with toys.

– Equipment rental

There are a number of skiing and snowboarding equipment rental shops in both upper and lower parking lots. Prices for equipment vary depending on the type of equipment you’re renting, how long you are renting it for, etc. So, you got almost everything you need, except for one thing, accommodation.

– Dizin hotels and hostels

Another great facility of Dizin ski resort is its residence places. Some are next to Dizin slopes while some are located around.

Dizin Hotels and Dizin Hostels

There are various options for your residence while you’re in Dizin ski resort. Based on your budget, you can choose one. Dizin hotels are more expensive. But they have more advantages. If you’re on a budget, you can choose Dizin hostels. They have good prices and also have warm and friendly environment.

Dizin hotels
Dizin hotels

Dizin Hotels

– Hotel Dizin

Also called Dizin Hotel is the most desirable option among visitors. It has great restaurants, coffee-shop and Wi-Fi. Hotel of Dizin definitely gets your money’s worth due to its location. This hotel is located in the heart of Albourz Mountain Range, next to Dizin slopes where you can enjoy the scenery of snow mountains.

– Gajereh hotel

Another great option among Dizin hotels is Gajereh. This hotel is located at the distance of 3 km to the resort. But Gajereh hotel offers free shuttle service for transportation.

Dizin hostels
Dizin hostels

Dizin Hostels

– Seven Hostel

If you’re looking for warm and friendly environment in which expensive hotels can’t give you, stay at Dizin hostels. Seven Hostel among all of Dizin hostels, is a budget accommodation located at the distance of 4 km to the Dizin slopes. They also have free transportation. They’ll pick you up in the mornings and return back in the afternoons. You can get to Dizin hostels from Tehran. You can take Tehran BRT or Subway to the West Bus Terminal. Then take Chalus buses and get off at Dizin exit. You can take a taxi or hitch a lift to Vellayat Rud Village where the Seven hostel is located.

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