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Darband Tehran: A Place for Deep Breaths and Delicious Foods!
Darband Tehran

Darband Tehran: A Place for Deep Breaths and Delicious Foods! 

With a mountainous atmosphere, Darband Tehran (means the gateway to mountain دربند) is a popular resort, suitable for escaping from Tehran traffic and pollution. Whereas Darakeh, having many traditional restaurants and teahouses, Darband in Tehran hosts many local visitors along with Tehran tours, which plan an enjoyable evening for their guests. Darband north of Tehran is an amazing choice for hiking, gathering, and watching beautiful mountainous landscapes, while eating delicious foods.

Tehran Restaurant in Darband
Darband Tehran Restaurant and Recreation Center
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Darband Restaurants
Couches in a Traditional Restaurant in Darband

The History of Darband in Tehran:

Having 200 years old history behind, Darband in Tehran is an old village, located in the northern part of the city (Shemiran district), near Sa’d Abad Palace. Having a superb climate, Darband Tehran has been always favored by royalties and aristocrats. It is said that Kioumars Mirza and Shazdeh Allahverdi, the dignitaries of the Qajar dynasty were living in Darband, while Nasser-al Din Shah Qajar established his first dining-room in the region in 1923 as well. After the construction of Sa’d Abad Palace in the Pahlavi era, the area became even more prosperous.

Darband Village Winding Paths
Darband Mountainous Village Upgrading Paths

Initially the area consisted of several boroughs, such as Bagh-Shater, Morgh-Mahalle, Kalagh-Par, etc. Located on the southern slopes of the Alborz range and the surrounding mountainsides, Darband Tehran Iran offers several valleys and cascades, such as Osoon valley, Abshar-Sootak and Twin falls (Abshar-dogholou). This mountainous nature creates a very different lifestyle for the inhabitants, who are still living in the old and rustic houses along narrow, upgrading lanes with their domestic animals.

Darband Tehran, Sarband Square
Darband Tehran Lifestyle

Darband Hiking Trail:

Darband Hiking Trail, winter
Darband Hiking Trail in Winter

Darband hiking trail is considered as the starting point for the hikers, who mostly choose this nice loop trail for climbing to Tochal summit. Darband hiking trail starts from Pas Ghal’eh village, ascending to Abshar Dogholou (with 20 meters length), and Shirpala hut.

Shirpala Hut and Abshar Dogholou
Shirpala Hut and Abshar Dogholou

Shirpala hut is the Darband mountain shelter with some basic facilities, situated at the elevation of 2750 meters above sea level. Hikers and tourists can also accommodate in a cozy, warm and hospitable hotel (Osoon Hotel), before getting to Shirpala hut, where they can have a delicious meal and a comfortable room to stay, besides a wonderful view of Tehran.

Tehran view, Darband Mountains
A view of Tehran from Darband Mountains
Darband Mountain Climbers
Climbers on the way to Shirpala Hut

Darband chairlift initially built for easy commuting of the hikers and the inhabitants of Pas Ghal’eh village forty years ago, is currently used by both hikers and visitors, who want to experience light hiking along with having fun at traditional restaurants and teahouses higher up the mountainside, such as Vahooman and Abdollah Rish cafés. The chairlift is open during weekdays from 8:00 and at weekends from 6:00. There is a lift taking you to the entrance of the chairlift at Sarband Square, where you see the famous climber statue.

Darband Tehran Chairlift
Darband Tehran Chairlift

The Climber Statue: The Monument of Bravery

Darband Statue
Darband Statue

Darband Tehran statue is the 3 meter icon of the area, build fifty years ago honoring Colonel Amir Shahghadami, who saved a group of American climbers, whose plane crashed to Tehran northern mountains. He bravely rescued the group and received a medal of courage from the US president John Kennedy. Being honored by the Iranian government of the time, his statue was built in the middle of Sarband square, the entrance to the mountainous area as well

Darband Tehran
Darband Tehran Mountainous Winding Path

On an evening walk through the paths of Darband in Tehran, you will see a succession of restaurants; cafes and fruit conserve stalls, which add a flavor to the enticing mountain-village feel.

Darband Tehran Food Tourism:

Fruit Conserve Stalls
Fruit Conserve Stalls

After seeing the climber statue, you enter the unique mountainous atmosphere of Darband in Tehran, with a winding path passing through a large number of restaurants, cafes, traditional teahouses, booths and hookah lounges, decorated with flowers, pools and fountains, couches and carpet cushions. A river descending from the mountains is passing through the route, giving a fresh, enticing village feel.

Darband Restaurants
Cliffside Restaurants and Teahouses

Cliffside restaurants and cafés are what you almost see in Darband Tehran pictures. Darband Tehran restaurants are serving both traditional and modern cuisines. Darband Persian foods, often served on the riverside couches, will leave an unforgettable memory in your mind. You will definitely enjoy having your meal or drink, while listening to the musical tune of the river and the cascades.

Darband Restaurants
The Entrance to a Cliffside Restaurant

The colorful flowers nicely decorating Darband Restaurants Tehran, along with fresh fruits being put in the pools, make a ravishing picture as well. Kouhsar is a popular Darband restaurant Tehran, with a beautiful decoration and a prolific menu including Iranian, International and sea foods.

Darband Kouhsar Restaurant
Kouhsar Restaurant

The multi-storey Baghe-Behesht, is also another famous Darband restaurant Tehran, which gets truly beautiful at nights, when all its lights are on.

Darband Baghe Behesht
Bagh-e Behesht Restaurant

Kouhpayeh, a modern Darband restaurant Tehran, is a very pleasant eatery with Iranian, Italian and European cuisines.

Darband Kouhpayeh Restaurant
Kouhpayeh Restaurant

The luxurious Roast, located on Sarband square, is known as Tehran highest restaurant, offering fantastic international cuisines with unforgettable mountainous views.

Roast Restaurant
Roast Restaurant

Apart from restaurants and cafes, Darband Tehran is a popular place for trying Tehran street foods as well. You will see many stalls, serving Kebabs, grilled corn (balal), cooked beans and beetroot (baghali and laboo), hot or cold drinks (such as Dough-e Abali), snacks, cookies and chocolates, along with famous Darband Persian fruit conserves with different sour and sweet-sour tastes.

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Darband Torshak
Darband Fruit Conserves
Darband Dough Abali
Cold Drinks, Doughe Abali

Watching this hurly burly ambiance of the area, full of people spending their evenings in Darband Tehran, will definitely leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Darband Tehran
Darband Tehran: A Busy Resort

Taking a look at Darband Tehran map, you will find Tehran Sledge, near Darband street Tehran as well. Being interested in exciting games and amusements, you may want to plan for visiting Tehran Sledge as well, where you can have an amazing view of the mountains. Our Tehran travel guide will help you in planning your favorable Tehran tours.

Tehran Sledge
Tehran Sledge

How to get to Darband: Darband Tehran Map

Darband Tehran Map
Darband Tehran Map

For getting to Darband Tehran, you should go to Tajrish district; Qods square and follow Darband Street to get to Sarband Square. (The direction is clear on Darband Tehran map). Your amazing walk in one of the most astonishing Tehran attractions will begin there!

Darband Tehran Cliff Road
Darband Tehran Cliff Road

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