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Tochal Complex: A Place for an Adrenaline Rush
Tochal Complex Telecabin: A 7500-meter Gondola Line

Tochal Complex: A Place for an Adrenaline Rush 

Having been used to stressful situations, Tehran inhabitants cannot be satisfied with everyday activities and regular adventures. Entertainment in Tehran needs an extraordinary drama to be sufficient for the locals’ adrenaline level! Tochal complex offering lots of hot-blooded activities is a favorite recreational center among people, where they can hang out for having fun and making exciting memories.
Tochal sport & recreational complex, located about three kilometers from Tajrish square in the Velenjak district, provides world-class sports facilities, such as archery, cable cars, zipline, coaster, bag-jump, and many others at the heart of the beautiful Tochal Mountain. Being interested in having a daring day in Tochal Tehran, make sure you are not losing the brief introduction to the Tochal ski resort & complex below.

Bungee Jumping, Tochal Complex
Tochal Complex Bungee Jumping
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Tochal Sport & Recreational Complex:

Being located in the arms of the Tochal Mountain in the Alborz range, Tochal weather is so pleasant and refreshing and attracts many locals who want to escape from the capital’s smoggy weather and its hot summer days. Not only home to one of the most popular Iran ski resorts, but Tochal complex also offers the world’s longest gondola line, called Tochal telecabin. This promenade consists of some sports facilities, a hiking trail, restaurants, and a hotel (Tochal hotel) as well. Here are some of the activities you can do in the Tochal sport & recreational complex:

Bam-e Tehran, Tehran’s Roof, Tochal Complex
A Night View of Tehran from Bam-e Tehran

• Bam-e Tehran (Tehran’s Roof):

An afternoon walk on the Velenjak hills at the height of 1830 meters will be a fantastic experience. Being exhausted by daily activities, local families like hanging out at Bam-e Tehran while enjoying Tochal weather. This hiking route (salamati route) is equipped with beautiful lighting, benches, and pergolas, where you can sit and enjoy watching the beautiful view of Tehran.

Salamati Route, Tochal Complex
Salamati Route

Several restaurants, such as Chopin, Rosha, and, Florence are serving visitors delicious Iranian and international cuisines and snacks as well. There are some booths on the route, where you can find training suits, hiking gear and equipment, and sports apparel to buy.

Zipline, Tochal Complex
Tochal Complex Zipline

Tochal Zipline is a hot-blooded adventure you can experience in the Tochal complex. An exciting 170-meter fly at an elevation of 70 meters will definitely increase your adrenaline.

• The Sports Facilities in the Tochal Complex:

Tochal complex is a perfect promenade for sports lovers and daredevils. Having an afternoon walk on Bam-e Tehran you can enjoy having fun in the sports clubs and Tochal restaurants as well. Tochal Cube Club is a modern architectural structure in an area of 1200 square meters, which offers a café and a restaurant, as well as escape rooms in a mysterious Escape-Cube. Not only enjoying a delicious meal within an overwhelming cube, but you can also have fun playing exciting games in this modern structure.

Tochal Complex, Cube Club
Tochal Cube Club

Zipline is another breathtaking adventure you can experience in the Tochal complex. An exciting 170-meter fly at an elevation of 70 meters will definitely increase your adrenaline! Zipline club is open every day from 10:00 to 22:00.

Tochal Complex, VR Club
Tochal VR Club

You can enjoy virtual reality games, and multi-dimensional movies, and laser images in Tochal VR Club and Laser Room as well. Being interested in archery, table tennis, and table soccer, you may visit the Tochal complex Archery Club in an area of 1500 square meters.

Tochal Alpine Coaster, Tochal Coaster, Tochal Sledge
Tochal Alpine Coaster

Bag Jump, Free Fall, Bungee Jumping (40-meter jumping open only to the men over 15), Trampolining, and Rock Climbing are some other breathtaking activities you can enjoy in the Tochal complex. Tehran’s second-longest sledge, Tochal Alpine Coaster (1400 m), is hosting interested people every day in Tochal Tehran as well. It is open from 9:00 to 17:00 (Saturday to Wednesday) and from 8:30 to 20:00 (Thursday and Friday).

Tochal Ski Resort & Complex
Tochal Ski Resort

• Tochal Ski Resort & Snowmobile:

As the nearest destination for all Iran ski tours in Tehran, Tochal ski resort & complex offers three snow-covered slopes from November to early May every year. Like other Tehran ski resorts, Tochal Mountain provides high-quality natural powder snow, suitable for skiing. The Tochal ski resort altitude is 3850 meters above sea level at the highest point; therefore, a seven-kilometer cable car is installed to transfer the skiers to the highest piste, located at Station 7. Tochal hotel, restaurants and cafés, a snowmobile club, and a ski school are some side facilities in Tochal ski resort & complex. Apart from the Tochal telecabin, there are two chairlifts and a ski-lift helping the skiers access the top of the slopes as well.

Tochal Complex Ski Resort, Tochal Hotel
Tochal Hotel

The longest piste, Peak slope that is 1200 meters long, starts from the Tochal peak at 3850 meters and ends at Tochal hotel at 3550 meters. Western Foot-hill, the second slope, which is located on the western part of the resort, is 900 meters long. Its highest point is at 3570 meters, and the lowest point is at 3550 meters. The third slope is situated between Station 5 and Station 7 of the Tochal cable car line. This third piste, which is 5500 meters long, starts from the highest point at 3750 meters and ends at 2940 meters. Note that having fun with skiing, you can enjoy a two-kilometer ride on snowmobiles with the speed of 80000 mph as well.

Tochal Peak
Tochal Peak

• Tochal Telecabin:

As mentioned before, the Tochal complex is offering the world’s longest gondola lift line with a length of 7500 meters. Transferring the skiers to the top of the ski resort was the primary purpose of constructing this long cable car; however, it is now used by all the visitors who want to hang out in the fresh Tochal weather as well. Tochal Telecabin has four stations at 1900, 2400, 2935, and 3740 meters. The Tochal peak is only a 30-meter walk away from the last gondola station, where you can have a breathtaking panoramic view as well. The tree-star Tochal hotel, which is one of the world’s highest hotels, is also located at an elevation of 3545 meters from sea level in the final gondola station.

So, being interested in having a memorable winter fun or a daring day in Tehran, Tochal ski resort and complex will be a perfect choice!

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