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Tehran Nightlife: A Different Style of Wakefulness
Tehran Night View

Tehran Nightlife: A Different Style of Wakefulness 

After a long, busy working day in a populated, metropolitan capital, such as Tehran, people will need a night fun with family or friends to take a rest from all those commotions. Tehran nightlife which literally knows no seasons and weekdays will definitely mesmerize you with a unique style of hanging out. The city, rarely sleeping, invites all locals and guests to the crowded, glittering streets, which are wakeful even after midnights.

30 Tir Street, Night, Street Foods
People hanging out on 30 Tir Street
  Tehran Shopping Malls alongside Old Bazaars
  Shopping in Tehran: The Experience of Mixing Shopping Venues

Tehran nights are always cool, feverish, and exuberant. Therefore if you are planning to travel to Tehran, you will find the best of it at night. People start their nightlife in Tehran not too soon, so things will not get busy before 10:00 p.m. Tehran nightlife will give you the chance of meeting people from all walks of life, taking advantage of their time off from work. So if you are interested in discovering the real Iranian lifestyle, Tehran nights will be so telling. Just keep up with us to know more about tips on Tehran nightlife and things to do in Tehran at night.

Tehran Street Music
People Enjoying Street Music Played by Young Girls and Boys

Are there Nightclubs in Iran?

There is always a question regarding visiting the country and nightlife in Tehran: Are there night clubs in Iran? You might have heard about restriction laws in Tehran: alcohol is banned in the city, except for the Armenian and Christian residents, who drinks at home. Consequently, you will not see any Tehran nightclubs and bars.

Tehran Nightlife, Night Pizza
Night Pizza, Andarzgoo Street

We mentioned that in Tehran alcohol is banned. As you might have guessed, alcohol prohibition law has changed nightlife meaning in Iran. The majority of people spend their nights in the streets, restaurants and cafes, popular resorts, theatres and concert halls, shopping malls, family parties, and Tehran underground parties as well. Tehran parties are so warm and welcoming family gatherings, where people talk, sing, eat, and have fun together. You will be possibly invited to a Tehran party by the hospitable Tehranians, who always enjoy having guests at home! Being interested in experiencing Tehran nightlife, you will find a few places people hang out at Tehran nights in the following:

Things to Do in Tehran at Night (Tehran Night Life) :

Bam-e Tehran Night View
Bam-e Tehran Night View

Going to Bam-e Tehran:

As you may have seen either in pictures of Tehran at night photo gallery or Tehran nights’ videos, the city’s night view is really beautiful from above. Being located on Velenjak hills, Bam-e Tehran (Roof of Tehran) is an enchanting place in Tehran at night, where you can have an amazing Tehran night view. Bam-e Tehran is a high ground, which is a passage to the Tochal peak as well. Since the resort is 24/7 open, people usually go there around 21:00 or 22:00 (usually until 2:00 or 3:00) for hanging, hiking, and eating in its high-quality restaurants and cafes. Bam-e Tehran with wonderful, fresh air will give you an amazing, unforgettable picture of Tehran nights.

Tehran Tabiat Bridge at Night
Tabiat Bridge: A Popular Resort of Tehran Nightlife

Visiting Tehran Tabiat Bridge:

As one of Tehran attractions and a super modern recreational center, Tabiat Bridge is a wonderful place in Tehran at night, where you can get some fresh air along with a beautiful Tehran night view. You also have the chance of meeting nice welcoming people till midnight. You may also have a delicious dinner in its international food court: Wooden Road.

30 Tir Street at Night
30 Tir Street at Night

People usually do not start their nightlife in Tehran before 22:00. Their nightlife will give you the chance of meeting people from all walks of society, enjoying their time off from work. So if you are interested in discovering the real Iranian lifestyle, Tehran nights will be so telling.


Hanging out in 30 Tir Street:

The cobblestone pavement on 30 Tir Street is a Tehran nightlife popular resort of people, who enjoy nightlife activities such as eating, walking, listening to street music, and watching events and art performances. Being replete with Van Cafes, kiosks and food stalls, 30 Tir Street is the popular center for Tehran street food, where people can have cheap and delicious meals, such as fast foods, Iranian snacks, and traditional foods. You can see hundreds of people having nightlife in Tehran, eating, chatting, and walking on this street, which is usually closed on cars at night.

Tehran Street Food: 30 Tir
30 Tir Street: The Center of Tehran Street Food
Tehran Cafés, at Nights
A Café in Tehran at Night

Going to Cafes:

One of the youngsters’ nightlife activities is gathering in cafés, where they hang out, drink soft drinks, chit chat, listen to some live rock music, participate in play readings and play some games sometimes. There is a vibe in Tehran cafés, that you will not like to miss. The Iranian young generations are really enthusiastic about talking with you, and you will definitely have the chance to know their ideas about different issues in Tehran cafés.

Bagh-e Behesht, Darband
Bagh-e Behesht Restaurant, Darband

Eating at Darband, Darakeh, Farahzad:

For experiencing a traditional Tehran nightlife, you may visit these three recreational centers, where people are normally taking a seat in outdoor restaurants by the river and have an Iranian traditional meal, along with tea, nuts, dried fruits, and hookahs sometimes. Persian live music is generally played while you are having fun there. These resorts are usually open until midnight. You can find many nice photos of families gathering in these resorts in Tehran nights’ album.

Concert in Tehran - Tehran Nightlife
A Rock Music Concert in Tehran

Going to Concerts and Theaters:

Going to concert halls and theaters is another entertainment in Tehran. Being interested in Iranian music (traditional, rock, and pop), you can buy the tickets online and enjoy Iranian musical performances in Vahdat Hall, Milad Tower Concert hall, etc.

Walking at night
Night Walking in Tehran

Are Tehran Nights Safe?

You may wonder if Tehran travel is safe at night. Generally speaking, Tehran is a safe city due to a large number of polices watching the streets during the night; however, discretion is the greater part of valor. So it would be better to keep an eye on your precious stuff while being out at night. If you intend to walk around at night, it will be better to walk with a friend as well.

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