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Kashan Rose Water Festival: The Fragrant Celebration in Iran
Kashan Rose Water Festival

Kashan Rose Water Festival: The Fragrant Celebration in Iran 

Iran Rose Water Festival is a seasonal and popular festival in a well visited tourist destination in Iran. Kashan Rose Water Festival is held each May, hosted by Qamsar and Niasar in Kashan city. Qamsar rose water is truly reputed in the world and in terms of quality, it is absolutely unrivaled.

Follow us to learn more about this celebration of fragrances.

History of Kashan Rose Water Festival

Being made from the Damask rose (also called Mohammadi rose in Iran), rose water is an aromatic, tonic liquid. The cultivation of Mohammadi roses in Iran dates back to around 7,000 years ago; however the rose water festivals have been feasted since 1,000 years ago. The early rose waters were made by rose distillation, but over the years, this procedure continued with distillation of Damask roses (Mohammadi roses) as well.
Although, the ancient method of rose water making has changed over time, it has still retained its originality. There were no varieties of methods in the past, but due to the current technological developments, new fashions have been generated for rose water making. It is worth mentioning that special equipment (congruous to the regional climate), used in the traditional method, is still applied by those who prefer to make rose water with the old manner.
In each May, Niasar and Qamsar in Kashan are filled with the aromatic odor of Damask roses, where you can find different methods of rose water making as well.

Kashan Rose Water workshop
Distillation Workshop

All about Festival of Rose and Rose Water

Rosewater making is practiced in cities such as Qamsar, Niasar, Kamo, Vadeqan and Barzak in Kashan. Although in most surrounding villages of Kashan, Mohammadi roses are planted and harvested, but rose water making is impossible in all areas. Therefore flowers are sent to the other cities’ workshops.
Flower pickers start working early in the morning before sunrise and they have to finish the task before noon. Based on an old farmers’ myth, flowers picked before sunrise will spread richer and stronger odor.
Rose water making is practiced in different ways but what tourists see in Qamsar and Niasar is the same traditional method of rose water making used in the old ages, however, by new equipment.

Kashan Festival of Rose and Rose Water
Mohammadi Roses

Where to Go to Visit Kashan Rose Water Festival

Iran rose water festival is held every year in the spring, usually from mid-May to the end of June. As mentioned above the main cities where tourists can visit Kashan Rose Water Festival are Qamsar and Niasar. Being highly prominent in rose water making, Qamsar is located 30 kilometers from Kashan.
Known as the ancient garden of Iran, Niasar is also located 30 kilometers to Kashan from the west. Apart from its popularity in the festival of rose and rose water, Niasar is famous for its historical and natural attractions as well.

Visiting Time of Iran Rose Water Festival

The right time for celebrating Kashan Rose Water Festival is directly related to the weather. If the hot season starts late, the Rose Water Festival will also be postponed and if summer arrives ahead of schedule, the festival will be held earlier. Therefore, you have to follow the local weather reports to be informed about the festival. Normally, from mid-May to mid-June, would be a proper time for holding Iran rose water festival. Note that Kashan Rose Water Festival is held in all cities during the day and ends at sunset.

Kashan, Rose Garden
Mohammadi Rose Garden

Important Tips about Iran Rose Water Festival

⮚ Although the festival of rose and rose water is being held in many cities of Iran recently, it should not be forgotten that the originality of this ancient Iranian festival belongs to Qamsar and Niasar in Kashan which are considered the cradles of Iran rose water. Therefore the ceremony of these two cities is held gloriously indeed. That is the reason tourists will not lose the opportunity of visiting the rose water festival in their Kashan travel. Kashan Rose Water Festival takes around three of four weeks year round while in non-original centers it is held on one day only.
⮚ You should be cautious if you are allergic to the scent of Mohammadi rose and in case you suffer from respiratory problems, it would be better not to attend the festival of rose and rose water or you may want to use masks or take anti-allergic medications. Be careful about the pollens, bees and insects in the flower gardens as well!
⮚ Flower gardens are always beautiful in the early mornings. Try to set the time to enjoy this unforgettable experience. It will be appreciated if you avoid touching Damask roses. Photography is also possible inside the workshops, but it would be acknowledged if you inform the workshop owner ahead.
⮚ You will be probably surprised in Niasar and Qamsar, where you encounter open door houses with benches waiting for visitors to enter. This is a part of the festival as well!

Costs of Festival of Rose and Rose Water

You do not need to pay for attending the rose water festival, since the event is free of charge everywhere. Only in case you would like to purchase rose water or other aromatic liquids, you need to pay.

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