About Iran - Yazd
Yazd - UNESCO World Heritage :
Yazd was named the first historic city of Iran and the country's twenty-second historic monument in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Yazd province, due to its traditional architecture, is a city with clay and mud in the heart of history.
In fact, the compression of urban buildings for being safe from wind and storms, the use of gardens and ponds to increase the relative humidity of the living space and the use of suitable materials against extremely heat and cold desert areas, distinguish Yazd from other cities of Iran.
In the context of the Yazd city, wind turbines, aqueducts (Qanats) and water reservoirs are abundant. This style has been preserved from the desert architecture since the era of the Hellenistic.
Yazd Province in fact is the combination of an ancient desert civilization and a legacy derived from the association of various religions, therefore this historic city is called the origin of the largest Zoroastrian community.
These unique features caused to introduce this city in the forty-first summit of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee as the world's foremost city, and this alone reflects the extraordinary presence of this province on its journey to Iran.
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