About Iran - Varkaneh
Varkaneh :
is one of the 6 touristic villages in Hamadan and is located in the east side of this city and is one of eastern Alvand mountain`s villages.
Varkaneh history backs to more 400 years ago, and one of its ancient and first parts of this village is, Mosque door district.
Varkaneh people is speaking Kurdish, Azer and Farsi (Persian). They are Muslim and follow shia religion.
For explaining the meaning of Varkaneh we should say, ‘Var’ in the dialect of Kurdish means ‘side’ and ‘Kaneh’ means ‘spring’.
Stone usage is not only in the foundation, but also in the greater part of buildings and walls.
Tourism Attraction:
There are some interesting historical and religious monuments in the village including the building of the mosque in the old style, horse stable with special stone structure and castle of Ms. Mehri , which was made in the form of cross (Chlipa) and also the stone architecture of the village.
Common music Varkaneh people include melodies with Baba Taher oryan`s and Azerbaijani music in wedding parties and other joy ceremonies and also there is a kind of folk music called soldier and three feet (sarbazo sepah), that is prevalent among this people.
There are different types of Games include: Ghap bazi, Gerdo bazi and Alac o Dolak
Food :
The local foods are Abgoosht, Kebab and different types of Ash such as Tarkhineh, Jo, Amaj
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