About Iran - Rig e Jen
Rig e Jen - where evil spirits live.
Rig e Jen , which translates to ‘Dune of the Jinn ‘.
This is not a place where one goes alone because it`s in the middle of nowhere with no roads and no telephones coverage.
Don't be worry. You can go there with tour guide and in this situation you will be safe.
Location:The rig e Jen is in the middle of Dasht – e Kavir , Iran`s central desert in the border region of the Semnan and Isfahan Provinces .
*** Tourism Attraction

Sandy Shapes:
When wind is constantly blowing across vast areas of sand it creates these beautiful structures and shapes that can almost look unreal and “too” smooth. And in some instances it feels almost like walking across an ocean floor without water.
Camp site:
When you enter the dunes or Rig e Jen you can start the journey in to the dunes and shortly after entering you will find a place to camp for the night.
When the sun sets in a place as remote as Rig e Jen an amazing sky revels itself with extremely vivid stars.
During your time in the desert you will have a very bright moon.
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