The term MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Events) represents a part of tourism which includes business events and activities. Travelers attending MICE groups have a specific purpose which is beyond leisure tourism, and are in fact business travelers.
MICE groups usually include a well-planned agenda centered around a particular theme, such as professional trade, a specific interest or an educational topic which takes months to be made.
These group of traveler will need meals, drinks, shopping, entertainment, transportation, accommodation and more. So, we may offer all these services in a beneficial package and offer you within your budget.
The place for the gathering of attendees needs to be a venue arranged beforehand. The venue will provide space and required equipment to satisfy the needs of those who attend the gathering.
Meetings bring people together in one place for the purposes of sharing information and discussing and solving problems. Meeting attendance can range from ten to thousands of people. During a meeting, there will usually be food and beverage served. Meeting times vary depending on the meeting type.
Most of the time, meetings refer to corporate meetings which are held by companies in the following ways:
  • Board meetings – Meetings of the board of the directors of a corporation, usually held annually
  • Management Meetings – The managers from different regions of a corporation meet when necessary to make decisions for the corporation
  • Shareholder Meetings – Investors who own a share in a company meet quarterly
  • Training Seminars – A company conducts these to train employees when needed
  • Meetings with partners, suppliers and clients –
  • Product launches – Usually a meeting with clients, the public, and journalists and reporters when new products are announced on the market
  • Strategic planning – Managers meet with employees to discuss the future of the company
  • Retreats – The entire company staff spends a day or two together to participate in team-building activities, training seminars and strategic planning sessions
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