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Botanical Garden in Iran (A Piece of Heaven of earth)
It`s activity started on 1968 in Tehran. This Garden is located by the side of highway between Tehran and the city of Karaj (at west of Tehran city – The weather is fresher in this place than the other side). Botanical Garden is a place where cultivate a collection of native and non-native plants in the open and in greenhouses and plays an important role in various fields of research such as plant sciences and horticulture, public education and Familiarity with the importance of plants and the necessity of protecting that they are responsible for. In addition, botanical garden as a genetic reserve of plants that is in danger of extinction can be used. Actually, this place is an alive museum because you can see all nature`s variety here and there are 3000 types of different species of Shrub, bush and tree: such as Zelkova – Danae Racemose - Sorbus Terminal –Lonicera Japonica and etc.
Botanical Garden of Iran's major components is as follows:
1- Important habitat place of the world such as Europe, USA, Asia (Himalayas, China and Japan).
2- Specialized parts such as Classification of Medicinal Plants, Persian bulbous plants and Iranian fruit garden
3- Educational – Dramatic pieces including stone gardens, stagy gardens, waterfall and Lakes.
4- The tropical greenhouse, temperate and cold areas.
By taking advantage of different scientific methods, the possibility of recognition of the country's plant species and their distribution range provided is determined. This garden has been considered to research in the field of reproduction and breeding methods of valuable species in terms of the protection of economic and other issue.
When you are walking at this place, you feel walking in the north Iran`s Jungle and what makes it more interesting is that you will be in Japanese garden in five minutes and after a while you may be in northern America environment.
Working hours of Botanical Garden in Tehran: :
Every Day from 9 A.M – 17 P.M
Tell: +98 (21) 44787292 - +98 (21) 44580282
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