About Iran - Tehran urban & Suburbs Subway
Tehran urban & Suburbs Subway:
Tehran's metro system is quick, cheap, efficient and an ideal way to avoid the traffic snarl above ground. Tehran Metro consists of 8 lines.
Description of the lines:
Red line (line 1): is the most popular connecting Tehran south to the North. It's the busiest line.
Dark Blue (line 2): connects the eastern and western suburbs as far away as Karaj City. Imam Khomeini Station is the most famous and crowded station because it intersects with Line 1.
Light Blue (Line 3): connects the north eastern suburbs to the south west. It is the newest line of the Tehran Metro
Yellow line (Line 4): The Yellow Line is getting more popular because Mehrabad Airport Terminal, the largest airport in Iran, has recently opened a station connecting to the city center.
Green (Line 5) connects Tehran – Karaj and Mahshahr.
Light Pink (Line 6): This line is under construction. When completed this line will be 33 km long with 15 stations as it connects southeast Tehran to northwest.
Pink (Line 7):is similar to line 6, and in contrast with line 3, goes from northwest to southeast.
Dark Red (Line 8): Line 8 connects Tehran to Imam Khomeini International Airport. It the only metro line in Tehran that is completely open 24 hours a day, in order to accommodate passengers from late night and early morning flights.
*Paper ticket: includes one way and the other one is Return ticket.
*Electronic ticket: If you're going to stay long-term in Tehran, it's better to buy an electronic card because it is vastly cheaper and more convenient.
Subway work time:
The trains of the Tehran metro run from 05:30 am in the morning until 22:30 pm or in some cases, 23:00 pm.
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