About Ghoghnos - Manager Introduction
Some Words from our head manager :
Ghoghnos Tour & Travel Agency, active in the field of tourism for more than 40 years, has always been concerned with providing appropriate and various programs to obtain the optimum satisfaction of its customers. Planning and operating tours to Iran and familiarizing international tourists with cultural, historical, artistic and adventure attractions of Iran along with the scientific and social improvements of this ancient land are the services which have been provided by Ghoghnos. In doing so, we have been successful thanks to our experienced and learned tour guides. During the last 12 years, Ghoghnos has been active in attracting global tourists to Iran via close cooperation with well-known international agencies all over the world. Hence, we have introduced our self as one of the most reliable and customer-oriented agencies of Iran. Ghoghnos Tour & Travel Agency provides the following services: operating tours, issuing visa, issuing online tickets, reserving hotels all around Iran. Furthermore, we have been collaborating with famous international airlines like Emirates, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Air France, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Qatari and Oman Airways. Mr. H. Ahmadi, the directing manager of Ghoghnos, is one of the most experienced and innovative managers in the field of tourism. His motto (accordingly that of all the staff) has been “reliability and responsiveness”.
Wishing you have a great and safe journey
آژانس هوایی ققنوس

An Image of a 40 years old ad, advertising Ghoghnos Tours to various cities of the world. This article was printed in the Keyhan national newspaper.

آژانس هوایی ققنوس

Hedayat Ahmadi, Head Manager of Ghoghnos Tour & Travel Agency

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