Iran Agricultural Tours:
More than 25% of Iranian people are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. The Ghoghnos Travel Agency offers a range of tours and exhibition visits which enable our guests – including importers, producers, manufacturers and professional and amateur chefs to explore particular aspects of Iranian agriculture and its influence on daily life and culture, including the production and utilization of: pistachios, saffron, barberries, nuts, dates, pomegranates, wheat and oil seeds.
Some of our most popular agricultural tours include:
  • Saffron & barberry Tours (November)
  • Pistachio Tour (Late August and early September)
  • Pomegranate Tour (November)
  • Rose Water Tour (April and May)
  • Wheat Tour
  • Date Tour (August and September)
  • Hazelnut Tour (August)
  • Cornelian cherry (August)
  • Iran Traditional Irrigation System Tour.

  • Related exhibitions include:
  • Agricultural, Food & Related Industries Trade Fair
  • Iran International Water & Wastewater Exhibition
  • International Exhibition of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Related Industry
  • International Exhibition of Halal protein products and related industries
  • International Flour & Bakery Industry Exhibition
  • International Exhibition of Poultry, Livestock and Related Industries
  • International Exhibition on Nuts, Dried Fruits & Related Industries
  • International Exhibition of Environment
  • International Exhibition of Renewable Energy Exhibition
  • International exhibition of agricultural machinery, inputs and irrigation modern systems

  • We can advise dates of these and other exhibitions and events on request.
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