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  • Mountains occupied about 55% of total area of Iran and the height of 600 peaks is more than 4000 meters. Mount Damavand, the Iranian symbol and the endless source of epic, hymn, art and myths of this land, is the highest peak in Iran, the most beautiful peak of the world, the highest conical peak. Mount Damavand is the 12th most prominent peak in the world. Zagros and Alborz mountains along with large number of dispersed peaks in all provinces make Iran as desirable country for ecotourism especially mountaineering for nature trekking in all seasons and climates. The diversity of climates and routes are pleasant for all tastes. For instance, there are five mounting routes in Mount Damavand classified based on climbing difficulty degree ranging from easy route in south to very hard route in the north or rock climbing rout of Alam Mount (800m) as very hard professional route. Alongside that the average trekking rout for all nature friends consisting of all professional climbing groups as well as trekking fans which create suitable chance for climbers to enjoy the nature during a half-day or one-month tours. Phoenix Agency benefiting from the experiences of the best professional and native climbers provides the possibility to climb to all peaks of Iran individually or along with kinds of classic tours or ecotourism.
    The most important climbing tours of Iran are:
    - Damavand Tour (5671m)
    - Alam Mount Tour (4850m)
    - Sabalan Tour (4011m)
    - Dena Tour (4000m + 40 peaks)
    Our recommended tour is the simple and popular Damavand climbing tour in summer from its most popular route, the southern. Contact us for detailed information via ""
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