About Ghoghnos - Introduction
Our History :
Ghoghnos Travel and Tours has over forty years of professional experience in running quality tours around the world. Each year Ghoghnos runs over 150 individual tours for several thousand satisfied clients.
*** Services

• Tours:
As member of Iranian Tourism Society, we are proud to meet all your needs as tourist for travelling to Iran. Our tour services consist of the shortest tours – ranged from one-day tours for the foreigners living in Iran to the extendable (long term) one-month tours. You are recommended just surfing our website and select your desired tour or share your interested tour to us in order to design a suitable tour appropriate for your budget, staying duration and interests or you are able to send your tour schedule for us in order to execute it after pricing and final confirmation.
• Iranian Visa:
Ghoghnos Agency has permitted to directly enter the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs to apply for visa without mediator. Visa services are offered freely for full package tours. You are able to apply for visa without applying for tour. The permits will be issued within a period from 5 to 30 days (for special nationalities) including airport and travel visas. You are required only to send scan of first page of your passport plus scan of passport photo and complete the visa application form in order to receive the email containing the permit for issuance of visa until five days.
• Tour Guide:
this agency has employed four hundred guides fluent in all worlds' languages which create possibility of relax travel for you in Iran. You are able to benefit from services of our guides even if you are not our tourist. All guides are trained and professional and licensed by Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization. Ghoghnos Agency is the only agency in Iran that employed the trained guide fluent in the Esperanto Language in Iran.
• Transportation:
Ghoghnos Agency as the agency selected by all airlines and domestic and foreign active airline companies in Iran is able to meet all your domestic and international transportation needs directly and without any mediator. Our cooperation with the best private transpiration companies in Iran provides the possibility to execute all domestic ground travels in Iran by the trained drivers of tourism industry in the best form and safest methods. The cooperation with more than fifty guides/drivers fluent in English language provides the chance for you to have a friendly travel and noticeably decreases your expenses.
• Hotel:
Ghoghnos Agency is one of the few tourism hotels of Iran that provides the direct online reservation in the world which is considered as one of the main and distinguished services of Ghoghnos Agency. In addition, Ghoghnos Agency is able to reserve the desired hotel for tourist or the foreign guests resident in Iran, from the most remote villages to the luxury hotels in big cities.
• One-day Tehran Tour:
the tourist who travels to Iran individually is able to participate in our one-day tourism, history, culture, food, music, architecture, handicrafts, Iranian garden, Iranian art, carpet, traditional textile, and book tours.
• Professional tours:
if you are in need of research or studying special subjects such as agriculture, industry, commerce, handicrafts and etc., we are able to provide the relation between you and the professionals and the authorities concerned with mentioned fields or introduced you with the experienced and professional persons directly.
• Exhibition Services:
more than five hundred international and domestic exhibitions are annually held in Tehran and different cities of Iran. Ghoghnos Agency is ready to meet all your needs such as providing Iranian visa, executing interacity, airport and exhibition transfers, residency, reserving booth, carrying out catalog and brochure printing affairs, providing the possibility for visiting the professional counterparts, introducing translator for exhibitions, providing exhibition facilities, designing booth and etc.
• Special Services for Tourists with Special Needs:
if you are a tourist with special needs such as hearing impairment, being vegetarian, having special food programs, blind, having special motor disability and etc., Ghoghnos Agency is the only tourism company that can help you.
•Educational programs:
if you are in need of special training courses such as short-term handicraft courses, cooking, carpet weaving, jewelry and etc., we will be able to hold your desired extendable one-month courses with cooperation of the specialist in mentioned fields.
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